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TATLifeTAT is a simple, yet profound, way to help you get unstuck from your health issue. It  involves following 7 steps, while holding the ‘TAT Pose’.

My TAT Audio will guide you effortlessly through a TAT session.

Dedicated to my grandson  Alfie James who, along with his Mum, experienced TAT as he was born at 7.21pm on 6 February 2011.

Optional preparation

Before listening to my TAT Audio, you may like to check out the TAT steps and the TAT Pose, though I will guide you through both in the TAT Audio.

You may like to purchase ‘TAT®-101 from TATLife. This Booklet gives a very thorough introduction to TAT.

Play the 2 minute video below to see Joey Raines’ elegant demonstration of the TAT Pose.

TAT Audio for your first  TAT session (25 mins)

Use this Audio the very first time you do TAT.  There’s an extra section at the start to introduce you to the TAT Pose, and help you shift any beliefs you may have (conscious and unconscious)  that TAT won’t work for you.

To Download right/option click, and Save.

TAT Audio for subsequent TAT sessions (15 mins)

Use this Audio for further sessions once you’re familiar with the TAT pose. In this Audio I assume you’re familiar with the TAT Pose, and we go straight into a guided TAT session together.

To Download right/option click, and Save.

Things to remember:

Please drink 6-8 glasses of water on days you do TAT, so your body can  easily eliminate any toxins that have been released.

Each TAT step will be complete within a minute, or two at the most. Avoid prolonging the steps.

Avoid being in the TAT Pose for more than 15 minutes in one day. TAT is deceptively powerful, and using it for longer might give you a sore head, or some other temporary discomfort.

TAT is not a substitute for medical care, please consult yourdoctor when needed.

Enjoy your TAT, and please let meknow how it goes below …

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  17 Responses to “Quick Start for TAT”

  1. May, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this!! I had never tried TAT and it is very helpful – I will know more tomorrow, after seeing what happens in the night (I’ve been having entity issues for a couple of months and this is so helpful for easing anxiety and fear).

    God bless you and your amazing website information – so very very helpful and loving of you to share like you do. ♥

  2. Hi May,
    Thank you for taking me through this session. I did it on feelings of sadness, fear, all kinds of other fears, despair and hopelessness. I don’t feel any different now. I wonder why?
    The step where you ask for completing the sentence “I choose” I started choosing those feelings mentioned above. I wonder if that was wrong.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Tahira,

      It sounds as if you’ve hit the nail on the head! I would do TAT again and this time in the Choices step go for what you’d like instead of sadness, fears etc perhaps things like joy, love, confidence, hope, trust. And let me know how it goes.


      • Hi May,
        Thank you for your quick response, I so appreciate it.
        I followed your direction and used the words love, joy and peace. I hope I have shifted negative feelings to positive ones. Can I keep repeating TAT till I achieve peace and my emotional order is restored?

        • Hello again Tahira!

          I wonder if you noticed a difference after choosing love, joy and peace? It’s often surprising how quickly things shift with TAT.

          And, yes, you can do TAT again – a good practice is to TAT on ‘the biggest thing that’s in the way of …[experiencing love, joy and peace] every day for 30 days, or until you feel complete on the issue. You don’t need to name the issue; your energy system knows what it is!

          Let’s discuss more when we talk in your Free Consult.


  3. Hi May, Thanks for this and for your whole site! I just found it tonight, looking up why my knees might be hurting…

    I did the TAT move and prayed for healing for everything that has caused me to feel unsafe or not worthy. It felt quite a powerful energy shift and I stopped after only about 15 seconds. Then my head felt pretty floppy and tired. I said Thanks <3 and went on. Well it seems to have shifted something. I will see in the morning if I feel better, emotionally.

    I know that I didn't do it how you all do it… but anyway, prayer and energy work are always good 😀 God bless, Rachel.

    • Ok, so I was getting a headache and feeling like the energy was stuck in my head and needed help to flow properly. Did the pose again and asked that the energy flow in the right way and only as much as is good for me right now, and asked that I know that I’m safe and worthy. <3 That feels better. I feel so tired though in my head. I gather this means my body needs sleep. Would you have any insights to share? Good night! Peace, Rachel.

      • Rachel,

        You’re doing very well to follow your knowing when you had done enough TAT, and to stop and rest. the TAT Pose is very powerful, particularly if you’re new to TAT, and a headache is a sure sign that you had had enough t the time.

        And well done asking for the energy to flow the right way, and only as much as was good for you at the time.

        My suggestion it to do a little TAT each day, and gauge how much you can do without getting a sore head. You could also do a TAT specifically on getting a sore head.

        And, are you drinking plenty of water – 6-8 glasses – on days you do TAT? You want to wash out the toxins you’ve released.


  4. mam i done TAT for various issues but i feel i should do for everyday things…because as i think from getting up in morning to night i feel so much and when i done for that i was angry,stressed and bored i was down so MAM is it good to do TAT for everyday rather than picking up one single issue?and thanks mam i enjoy your recordings very much.

    • Vineet, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying my Quick Start recordings!

      You can TAT on anything that’s making you feel uncomfortable, so yes, by all means do TAT on everyday things, starting with a statement like: ‘Everything that’s led to me feeling angry”.

      The reason I often introduce people to TAT with a single issue is so they can see the immediate reduction TAT makes to a specific discomfort.

      And you can also put several issues into a TAT ‘pot’, and address them together. For example if you do TAT at the end of the day, you might start with “Everything that’s led to me feeling angry, stressed and bored today’, or Everything that’s led up to me feeling uncomfortable today’.

      As you get more used to TAT youcan be creative in the way you use it! Please remember to limit your time in the pose to about 15 minutes a day and drink plenty of water.

      Enjoy your TATs!

  5. I am pleased to have found this site. I have been looking for a guided audio for the TAT session. I have done it on many occasions and find this technique very powerful and relaxing. I am in the process of getting my emotion code certification and practice tapping. TAT is another technique to my first aid kit. Thank you so much.

  6. I understand the process for something in the past or an on going situation but dont understand how to use it for something I would like to manifest in the future At the moment I dont have a buyer for my house and I would like to manifest someone and also lose we ight. When I say ‘this happened’does it mean I am accepting Ihave no buyer/I am overweight or does it look ahead to the time when a buyer has materialised/ I am slimmer and I am talking in the past tense i.e. it happened that buyer came forward to purchase my house/I Iost weight Thank you. In love and peace Karen

    • Karen, you can be creative with the wording of Steps 1 & 2. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you go to TATLife.com, and download the Free Booklet, which gives other options for these steps.

      Some possibilities for the issues you raise include:
      Step 1. Everything that led my weight happened (which becomes ‘this’ in later steps).

      Step 1. Everything in the way of my house being sold happened.

      Step 2. is always the opposite of Step 1.

      Step 1. simply allows your energy system briefly to ‘tune into’ the problem. Step 2. presents the opposite to your energy system (and you don’t need to believe it), which helps you unlock from being identified with the polarity of your problem.

      Hope this helps.
      Joyfully, May

  7. Thank you very much May this is my first experience with TAT and I felt more relaxed .

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