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Are you hopping around from one self-healing modality to another, and feeling you’re going nowhere?

With so many self-help modalities available that can be quickly learned, and a bewildering array emerging, it’s no wonder people are hopping around from one to another.

My typical client has learned to use Reiki, EFT, plus one or two more healing modalities, and is actively exploring others in the hope of finding the one that will really work for them. Some, including me at times, have become ‘workshop junkies’!

While there are advantages in having several self-healing modalities in your tool box, there’s also the danger of not giving each one a fair chance, and therefore not getting the results you’re looking for.

Pointers for selecting a self-healing modality

One you’ve already used

If you’ve already explored some modalities, perhaps it’s time to draw back from investigating more, and focus on the ones you know.

One that has delivered results

Which modality has already helped you improve your health? Even if the results have been small so far, knowing you’ve achieved them will boost your expectation of more!

One you feel comfortable with

Once you’ve used a healing modality for a while, you’ll know whether or not you feel comfortable pursuing it. No point in using one you’re not at ease with.

Tips for getting results


First, this means taking the time to learn and practice using the modality. Second you need to give yourself several sessions, I suggest a minimum of three and more like six, to really give yourself a chance to engage with the healing energies in a relaxed way.

Be regular

If you plan to release unwanted emotions daily with the Sedona method, make it a habit, perhaps before you go to bed. If you plan to give yourself a weekly EFT session, put it in your diary and honour your appointment with yourself.

Get a buddy

For all my healing modalities I’ve had ‘buddies’. We work together on a regular basis, varying from weekly to monthly, to keep each other motivated, and also learn from each other. At the moment I have buddies for Sedona releasing, Reconnective Healing, TAT and The Bars. Hm, I hadn’t realised how many until I wrote them down – now I’m thinking they are a major contribution to my good health!

Dissolve your blocks

If you’ve found it difficult to persevere in the past, then start by addressing your lack of perseverance (or any other block) with your healing modality.

Get help

If you feel stuck, or that you’re not getting results, it may help to have a session or two with a practitioner of your chosen modality. Before booking, ask if they are willing to giving you a little coaching in the use of your modality as part of your session.

The Delicious Nugget: It may be time to focus on one healing modality and really give it a fair chance to help you resolve your health issue.

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  2 Responses to “Hopping from one modality to another?”

  1. Just my problem at the moment.I started working on attracting abundance with EFT in Feb.I have to admit I was aiming at financial abundance but what has happened is I have been led- I am sure my fingers never touched the keys- to sites for \the Healing Codes, Ask and Receive, Matrix reimprinting, TAT and one night your site just appeared and I found the one command.I live in rural France at the moment and there are no like-minded souls nearby to so while this wealth of new ideas is exciting it has also left me somewhat confused as to which way to go. Reading your article has made me see I am not unique in having such a dilema. Thank you very much. Karen

    • Hi Karen, glad my article helped, I’m looking forward helping you find a way forward through my Free Consult.

      Joyfully, May

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