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Free Form CurveAs a user of complementary therapies, you have probably experienced, and perhaps studied, a few healing modalities, such as EFT, Reiki etc. You may have noticed different methods do the same thing.

So, how would you like to generate your own free form healing?

For the healing methods I’m familiar with, I’m noticing distinct parallels
, for example the technique of expanding your consciousness features in different guises in The One Command and TAT.

I’m also noticing that many of the newer methods are concise and simple
, and often completed in a few minutes, and that the instructors say ‘You can’t do it wrong’.

Since each method comprises a ritual to do the same thing, which is to facilitate healing, there’s plenty of scope to make up your own ritual.

It’s rather like using a computer drawing programme – you can use the pre-set shapes of square, circle etc, or you can go for ‘freeform’ drawing, where you create a shape to meet your unique needs.

Elements for Free Form Healing

Here are some components to consider as you generate your Free Form Healing. I suggest you read them through to spark your ideas, then go with whatever comes up as you do your own healing.

Dissolving stoppers (limiting beliefs)

‘I’m not sure this will work for me’
Any doubts about being able to heal, or whether the healing ‘will work’ will sabotage your healing. So it’s a good idea to dissolve any stoppers at the outset.

If you feel stuck here, there may be unconscious stoppers at work, which a healing practitioner can help you dissolve.

Accessing your Infinite Being

You are an Infinite Being having a human experience.
Healing takes place when you access your expanded state of Infinite Being – the more expansive you extends way beyond your human body. You may prefer to use another name, such as Source, Higher Self, Universe, Spirit, Presence, Awareness.

Some ways to access your Infinite Being are: tapping (EFT), rolling your eyes up to achieve the theta state (One Command), yoga’s yin breath, the TAT Pose, meditation, or simple allowing yourself to ‘Be’.

If this is new to you, I’ve found the TAT Pose is a very quick way for people to achieve their Infinite Being-ness. Simply hold the TAT Pose for a few minutes, and see what happens.

Dissolving the discomfort

Your discomfort is your indicator that you’re out of alignment with your Infinite Being.

Once you’ve accessed your Infinite Being state, you’re linked with your intuition, so trust whatever comes into your head, and go with it. Be prepared to play with free form drawing rather than pre-defined autoshapes!

You may find yourself visualising yourself healing, eg being showered with healing energy, tiny people brushing your arteries clean. You may find yourself bathed in a colour. You may feel prompted to tap points on your body, or place your hands on a part of your body. You may want to hold a silent conversation with someone. You may simply feel you need to spend time in that calm place. You’ll probably be prompted towards something quite different! Trust whatever comes into your awareness and follow it.

Making a choice or intention

If you like, incorporate an intention at the beginning of your healing, or a choice for a new state of being towards the end.

Some healing methods, like The One Command, set an intention at the start, and focus on the outcome rather than the problem. Others, like TAT, involve making a choice after the discomfort has been dissolved. Yet others, such as Reconnective Healing and Quantum Touch, leave the outcome to be guided by your Infinite Being.

The Delicious Nugget: Most healing methods are largely made up of ‘rituals’ which enable us to access our Infinite Being state where healing takes place. You can generate your own Free Form Healing, by accessing your Infinite Being, following your intuition, and incorporating whatever comes into your awareness.

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  2 Responses to “Free Form Healing”

  1. You’re so welcome Claire! Good to know we’re thinking along similar lines.

  2. Thank you for your very generous sharing of ideals
    on free form healing. I have always felt there was a sort of same foundation to many healing modalities. You have confirmed this to me.
    I appreciate you through this website.

    Love, blessings, and healings to you!

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