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hands-releasing-butterflyChange involves doing things differently, like eating different foods, or starting to exercise, but change in itself may not be enough to bring the healing or health benefits you seek

Healing often involves going deeper than change to transform your mindset, which includes your attitudes, your assumptions and your beliefs. All of these aspects of your mind can get in the way of ‘Be-ing’ which is the space where healing takes place.

Most forms of energy healing help you transform attitudes, assumptions and beliefs that are getting in the way. Some modalities, such as EFT help you consciously identify and neutralise the barriers, whereas others such as The Sedona Method and The One Command do the transforming at a less conscious level.

Three mindsets to transform

1. Conscious

If you have an attitude along the lines “I’ll give green smoothies a go, but they probably won’t work, as nothing else has cleared my skin so far”, the chances are you’ll give up before too long.

On the other hand, if you are aware of your limiting attitude, and neutralise it, you’ll be more likely to give green smoothies a fair chance.

EFT is ideal for neutralising limiting attitudes, assumptions and beliefs that you’re already conscious of.

2. Unconscious

If you have a deep-held belief that you don’t deserve to get better, which you’re probably not aware of as it’s safely locked away in your sub-conscious mind, sooner or later you’ll sabotage your attempts to exercise three times a week.

Once you have a way to dissolve that belief, and any others that may be in the way, you’ll find yourself easily exercising.

The Sedona Method is a great way to chip away at unconscious beliefs by gently releasing the associated emotions.

3. Emerging

You may make good progress with your green smoothies, or your exercise for a few weeks or months, and then find uncomfortable emotions emerging. (These emotions usually reflect deep beliefs.) This is a very common experience for people transitioning to eat more raw food. As the body becomes ‘cleaner’, other parts of your being, including your mind, are prompted by your emotions to catch up.

The One Command’s follow-up process of ‘meeting yourself in the moment’, to command positive replacements for the doubts that crop up, is a very effective way to transform emerging aspects of your mindset.

The Delicious Nugget: Healing usually involves transforming unhelpful attitudes, assumptions and beliefs so you’re free to easily make the changes you seek. Most energy healing methods will help you transform conscious, sub-conscious and emerging mindsets that are getting in the way.

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