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sore-kneeYou know that the discomfort in your knee is there to give you a message. That it reflects some imbalance in you or your life.

But what exactly is the message? How do you receive it? What language does it speak?

Look up the clues

If you’re new to interpreting what knee problems mean, you could start by looking up ‘knees’ , for example

Louise Hay, gives a general interpretation:
Knee Problems: Stubborn ego and pride. Inability to bend. Inflexibility. Won’t give in.

Heal Your Body, p46

Debbie Shapiro interprets three separate knee problems:

  • Water on the knee – a holding of emotional energy.
  • Inflamed knee – something or someone is making us feel irritated or angry.
  • Dislocated knee – a resistance to giving way.

Your Body Speaks Your Mind, p125

These interpretations will give you some clues about your knee’s message. Sometimes they are sufficient to trigger an insight to what’s going on.

Other times they feel too vague, or you just can’t relate to them. That’s when you need to move from the general interpretations of knee problems to find out exactly what your knee is saying to you.

Discover your knee’s specific message to you

The best way to discover your knee’s message is to ask it to tell you. Have a conversation with your knee! This may seem strange at first; only because we’re not in the habit of communicating with our bodies.

The key is to find a way to access your intuition/higher self. Here are two ways I use:

1. Trick your way past your conscious mind!

This question (from NLP) helps bypass all the doubts of your conscious mind, and allow your intuition to speak up. It is surprisingly effective!

Ask yourself:
‘If I did know, what would the message be?’
Accept the first response you receive, however strange it may seem.

2. Tap, alongwith a Command

This is a blend of EFT and the wording used in The One Command.
If you’re new to EFT you can use just one tapping point – the knobbly, inner end of your collar bone, at the bottom of your neck. If you know the EFT points, you can move to a new point with each phrase of the sentence below.

As you tap with two fingers on your collarbone, slowly say to yourself:
I don’t know how, I know the message my knee is giving me, I only know I do know now, and I am grateful.

Repeat the tapping and repeat the sentence slowly, several times. As you start to feel calmer you open to your intuition, and your knee’s message will come to you.

Whichever method you use, the keys are:

  1. Relax
  2. Be receptive
  3. Trust the first message that comes to you, whatever form it takes – words, images, a knowingness etc.
  4. If the message isn’t clear, ask for clarification.

The Delicious Nugget: The discomfort in your knee has a message for you so you can help yourself to heal. To receive the message you need to access your intuition, relax and be receptive to receiving the message in whatever way it comes.

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  13 Responses to “What is your knee telling you?”

  1. I have been surfing through this webpage for hours now, quite pleased with the response I’ve had to asking “what does my sore knee mean?”
    I wanted to check on Louise Hay’s meaning for it, which is why I landed on this page in the first place.
    I know I physically hurt myself by kneeling in an awkward position, determined to paint a small enclosed area.
    Its a few months down the track and though it was just about back to normal, it has swollen now with lots of fluid build up, following an attempt to try a gym class for over 50’s a few days ago.
    I’ve read so much and am really interested in trying the MELT method.
    I had forgotten about the usefulness of EFT, so have restarted doing that, and also some more proprioceptive writing. I’ve ordered Glyph cards as well. I know my higher self has finally turned up the volume to the universe which has been trying to communicate with me. I am very grateful for all the collective wisdom you have available on your pages.
    So much here had already found me before over the years….I dabbled in things but didn’t incorporate them as part of my Living and Being.
    I now know why my Knee is sore… stubbornly stayed attached to living in ways that are not conducive to the healthy, vibrant and satisfying life I desire!
    I’m getting inspired to change the more I read.

    • Hi Vicki, I’m delighted you’re finding helpful resources here, and have identified what your knee is telling you!

      And a gentle reminder that there are times when we need medical attention, so do keep a check on whether you need help to relieve the fluid on your knee.

  2. I found this sight after my 25th knee dislocation. I have had 5 knee replacements, 1 shoulder. Need another shoulder and 2 hips. Very little to no cartilage in major joints due to childhood onset arthritis. I’m searching now by this is my 2nd dislocation (3rdcif you count one that was part of a treatment in 2 days. Any feedback would be welcomed

  3. Wow this worked! My knee often acts up, and this time round stiff for two weeks.

    The ‘If I did know, what would the message be?’ was so weird! But I put the phone down and asked (incredulously), and suddenly the answer hit me so hard I sobbed like a baby…

    And what do you know, just as suddenly, the stiffness is gone.. ?

  4. Right side means future

    • Yes, Luma, that can be helpful!.

      And the beauty of accessing your knowingness is you don’t need to use any analytical framework, your knowingness conveys to you exactly what you need to know – and that may be beyond what your brain, or anyone else’s, already knows!

  5. Laying in my bed, 3 and a half weeks post complete patella tendon rapture surgerry… This the second time something serious’ wrong with my right knee, last surgery was due to a meniscus injury exactly 3 years and 7 weeks pree the tendon incident…
    Anyways Im getting a feeling that my knee is trying to tell me somethin / theres is a message for me since its always the same knee around same area problems tend to focus on,.. furtherless before the recent acident, i had been expiriencing the feeling of something very good is cooming my way and also expiriencing alot of symbology of numbers eg. 18:18 10:01 etc. dejavu’s have also significantly increased matter of fact i just had one of we laying in my bed typing on my cell and looking at this website (recognized the colours)
    i have no clue of whats going on but I am trying to get to the bottom of this eventually 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Victor. Sounds as if you’re open and willing to find out what’s going on with your knee. Good luck!

  6. I follow through the instructions and within 10 mins i was
    heal from partially 20 years of severe knee pain which also affected my feet. I also wear an in sloe in my shoes which cause more harm than cure

    I thank God for such healing. I can now bend and
    stoop very low without hearing my knee cracking and wondering if i would be able to stand on my own.
    God is awesome

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