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gatewaySometimes we struggle to heal because we’re stuck at a closed gate before we even get started!

Just as you clear your vegetable plot of weeds before sowing the seeds, it helps to clear away two common blocks to healing before you start.
While the following ideas come from The Sedona Method, you can use them to good effect before starting any type of healing.

Here are the gateways and the Sedona questions you can use to open them. To pick up the basics of The Sedona Method, please see my Quick Start Guide. If you prefer you could use another method to open the closed gates.

Gateway 1: Let go of trying to figure it out

If you were able to figure out the solution to your frozen shoulder with your conscious mind, you’d probably have resolved it long ago!

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Einstein.

The difficulty with trying to figure out what caused your shoulder problem, or how to solve it, is that your mind creates a whirlpool of energy as it repeatedly goes over and over all the possibilities. Besides being exhausting, recycling through the same thoughts over and over creates your reality, so trying to figure it out goes on and on.

Better to get your conscious ‘trying to figure it out’ mind out of the way, and allow your intuitive healing self to take over the driver’s seat for your healing session.

Most healing modalities do help you to access your intuitive healing self. However, for those of us with strong left brains, the mind may keep trying to figure it out as we proceed with the healing.

To let go of trying to figure it out, ask yourself the following questions, and go with your ‘gut response’, rather than try to figure out how you ‘should’ respond!

Could I allow this feeling of trying to figure it out to be present?
1.    Just for now, could I let it go?
2.    Would I let it go?
3.    When?

Repeat questions 1 – 3 until you feel less of a charge on ‘trying to figure it out’.

Gateway 2: Let go of wanting to change

If you’ve already put a lot of effort into wanting your shoulder to change, and it’s still frozen, all that wanting hasn’t been effective. In fact wanting to change your health can close the door to healing.

You’re probably thinking “Of course I want to change my sore shoulder – I just want it to get better”.

Once again the difficulty is that repeated thoughts create your reality. In this case it’s the word ‘want’ that causes the problem. The more you put out the vibration of wanting, the more wanting the universe returns to you!

Work through the following questions, following your gut responses. If you get a ‘No’ just continue with the questions anyway – many a good release has accompanied a ‘No’ response!

Do you want to change your shoulder?
Would I rather want to change my shoulder, or have my shoulder change?
1.    Could I let go of wanting to change my shoulder?
2.    Would I let it go?
3.    When?

Repeat questions 1-3 until the wanting feeling is gone, or greatly reduced.

Having moved through these two gateways, you’ll be much more receptive to healing.

The Delicious Nugget: Letting go of trying to figure out the cause/solution to your health problem, and letting go of wanting to change your health will both open the gateways to healing.

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  2 Responses to “Two Gateways To Healing”

  1. Rosanna, Reconnective Healing is excellent, because you give everything over to allow ‘the power that made you to be the power to heal you’.

    By trusting the process, and also being open to whatever outcomes emerge, you let go of both trying to figure it out, and wanting a particular outcome.


  2. Am trying to practise reconnective healing on myself and friends.

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