Aug 062009

horizonAs we gain more insight into the way the universe works, a host of ideas for health and healing unfold.

Who could fail to be inspired by Robert Young placing a photograph of his healthy knee on his damaged one to enable it to heal?

Or a mother helping her 9 year old son, who was staying with his grandmother at the other side of the world, use EFT to heal his continual vomiting?

Or a woman taking a few minutes to replace her fear of flying with one of enjoyment, by reprogramming her DNA?

Science is now catching up with truths that have long been known by mystics. See which of the following inspire you, and allow them to prompt ideas for ways to do your own healing. Since healing goes beyond scientific explanations, you might like to go into sci-fi mode!

Whatever your mind can conceive and believe you can achieve.” (Napoleon Hill, 1937)

We are all inter-connected

Every single thought you make vibrates out to affect the entire universe. David Hamilton likens this to a spider’s web, touch one part of it, and the entire web vibrates. We are all inter-connected.

Knowing we are all connected not only means we affect each other, it also means we’re able to draw on each others’ resources – to access skills, beliefs, attitudes etc. Just as the world wide web enables you to access people’s expressed knowledge, opinions and resources, there’s another invisible web where you can draw deep into the psyche of shared humanity – past, present and future!

What healing resources would you like to ‘Google’ and ‘download’ from the ‘spiritual web’?

The universe is a hologram

Every part of the universe is a microcosm of the whole, it contains the rest of the universe. So, for example, your damaged knee also contains the elements of a healthy knee, the wisdom to heal your knee, and the mastery to make that happen.

Which parts of the hologram do you want to activate? How will you activate them?

Visualisation is an excellent tool to use here! You might shrink yourself, go inside your knee, and see what it needs.

You can change your DNA

Experiments have shown that DNA isn’t static, but dynamically affected by your thoughts and feelings. How exciting is that?

Would you like to turn off the program ‘All our family have dodgy knees’. And what would you like to replace it with?

Here’s a quick brainstorm of healing ideas for a poorly knee:
Tune into the master vibration channel for a perfectly functioning knee / find a holographic image of a perfectly functioning knee and apply it like a ‘transfer’ to your knee / download the latest software to heal your knee / allow your knee to connect and resonate with the energy of a perfect knee / send a mini expert knee surgeon inside your knee to repair it / …..

If these ideas feel a bit ‘way out’ to you, you could try prefacing them with the phrase ‘I don’t know how…’, which turns off the doubting thoughts, and opens your subconscious mind to accept new ideas.


What health or healing state would you like to achieve? Are you willing to believe you can create a way to heal it?


Take some deep breaths, close your eyes, and then ask ‘How can I heal this?’ Relax into a receptive mode and trust whatever comes. Be prepared to have some fun, and to go beyond the limits of your imagination.


Try it out!

You may want to use your healing idea within the framework of a healing modality you know such as EFT, The One Command or visualisation, or simply go with your own flow, making it up as you go along. There’s no right or wrong way of doing healing, just your way. Maybe you’ll come up with a new healing modality!

The Delicious Nugget: Scientific explanations for ancient mystical truths provide fertile ground for healing ideas. Will you allow your imagination to find a way of healing that works for you?

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