Sep 192007

Sooner or later most of us get curious about the source of our life. Where do I come from? What sustains my life? How can I access this power to help myself and others heal?

I was brought up in the Quaker tradition, based on George Fox’s premise: “there is that of God in everyone”, which means that each of us has an “inner light”. The idea of going inside to my source feels natural. On the other hand, many religions and healing practices see our source as external.

As a healer, when I use Reiki, I connect with an external source and channel its healing energy out through my hands. When I use the Sufi practice of drinking qualities into my heart I feel as if I’m calling them in from an external source.

On the other hand, when I use Reconnective Healing or Core Transformation, I go to a very still space within, in which imbalances can melt and transform, and healing takes place. In these healing modalities the source seems to me to be internal.

So I was puzzled: is the source inside or outside?

Slowly I realised it’s not an ‘either/or” question. Just as a hologram is repeated from the outside in, my source is both inside and outside!

Whether you see your source as inside or outside, many spiritual practices involve going to a quiet place within, such as your heart, to access your connection, your place of feeling ‘at one’. Equally, you may also access this state in other ways, such as through music, art or being in nature.


Where do you perceive your source to be?

Is there a religious influence at work for you?

Do you resonate with some other ‘explanation’ of your source?


How do you connect with your source?

Perhaps you follow a religious or spiritual practice? If so, you probably have an intention to connect.

In what other situations do you feel ‘connected’, ‘at peace’, in a ‘state of being’? Perhaps this happens spontaneously, without effort on your part.


How can you make your connection more regular?

In this material world we have become disconnected from our source, many of us no longer have a sense of ‘who we are’. We allow our ego to rule through our thoughts and feelings, and find ourselves living in a reactive, out of control, state. When we reconnect we regain our power for living and healing.  We are nurtured, and things slot back into perspective.

How can you spend more time connected to your source?

The Delicious Nugget: Your source is both within and outside you! Find a way to connect which resonates for you, and feel the benefits of regular ‘being’.

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