Aug 172011

If you feel you’re trying really hard to heal – let’s say your sore back – and you’re making little progress, your brain may just be getting in the way.

If you were able to figure out with your mind how to resolve your sore back, wouldn’t you have done so by now? You probably need to access another source of information and awareness – your heart  – the place in your body where you feel things, so you can use your feelings to heal more quickly.

For me it’s like driving off with my handbrake on – I notice there’s a drag on the car, and wonder why I’m going so slowly, until I suddenly remember to release the handbrake, and away I go with speed and ease!

Wouldn’t it be good to be able to remove the drag on your healing as easily as releasing your handbrake?

The trick with many energy healing methods is to turn off your brain and drop into your heart, or feeling area. However, because of our left-brain, analytical culture, it can be really difficult to switch off your brain, which can chatter its way round and round the problem, with no access to a solution.

You may be surprised that your heart has brain cells, and they were created before your heart was, while you were in your mother’s womb. So by moving your awareness to your heart, you can access another type of wisdom.

Two quick ways to disengage your brain

Put your hand on your heart

Simply placing your hand over your heart moves your awareness down from your mind to you to your heart – your feeling area.

Bow your head

Bowing your head also disengages your brain, and moves your focus to your heart – where you feel things.

Whatever energy healing method you’re using, try disengaging your brain – at least for part of the time, and experience your healing process speeding up!

The Delicious Nugget: Disengaging your brain helps you tune more readily into your feelings, and speeds up your energy healing.

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  4 Responses to “Is Your Brain Slowing Down Your Healing?”

  1. Again thank you May, this method is simple but effective.

  2. Great article. thanks so much for explaining so well.

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