Jul 292011

Interacting with the Awakening frequencies has helped me let go of overwhelm, eat more consciously, and feel more hope!

I’ve recorded an 8 minute Taster so you can experience these gentle, loving fequencies for yourself.

The Awakening frequencies are highly  ‘contagious’, so you may well find you pick them up too!

Don’t be surprised that there’s a lot of silence on the recording – these aren’t audible frequencies!

8  minutes.

To Download – right/option click, and Save.

Please let me know what happens for you…

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  18 Responses to “A Delicious Taste Of Awakening Frequencies”

  1. Many thanks May,that was lovely and I too can still feel the energy pulsing in my hands. Interestingly my old dog of 14years who had been snuffling and fidgeting suddenly just laid herself at my feet and went to sleep and as she is totally deaf she certainly wasn’t tuning in to your intro!! She is now wandering about and waiting for whatever happens next.
    love and light Gill

  2. Thank you, May. The amount of energy in my hands went swirling into my chest and down to my feet. I am still feeling it now!

  3. I was feeling quite miserable from morning sickness the whole of last night and this morning. The healing was amazing. I’m feeling much more ‘at home’ in my body. Thanks so much for the healing May! 🙂

  4. I am feeling strangely relaxed, with no thoughts or questions as what is going to happen next. Just relaxing.

  5. Very powerful building up of energy sensation, a twitch in one of the spaces being healed sealed up the session. Please, where is the link to the EASE YOR PAIN RECORDING? I cannot find it!

    • Izabel, you should have received an enail with a link to my Ease Your Pain Mini-Healing when you signed up for my Newsletter. I’ll send it to you again.

  6. Thank you May – that was lovely – even sitting at my computer! Is this recording available anywhere to be downloaded? It would be wonderful to be able to listen in a more relaxed space.

    Really appreciate you making this for us! A mini retreat!

    • A ‘min-retreat’, Vicky – love it! And, yes downloads are on the way – I’ll alert you in my Newsletter.

      Joyfully, May

  7. I felt some involuntary movements and twitches on my left shoulder and in my knees and elsewhere.
    Yawned a few times, too.

    • As you say, interesting responses Alison! They’ll be unique to you, as everyone has their unique way of responding.

      Joyfully, May

  8. Somewhere between 1 and 2,I fell asleep, woke up to catch the latter part of the session. Feeling relaxed: if someone yelled “timber”, I would not be able to move quickly enough!

    Thank you,
    love and serenity

  9. I gradually went deeper and deeper into the chair,
    no thoughts or images. Continued for several minutes after “you’re done”. Life had been difficult. The word hope crept in. Still feeling very relaxed.

    Love, Rosanna

    • So pleased you found the Awakening frequencies relaxing Rosanna, and I trust ‘hope’ will blossom!

      Joyfully, May

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