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If your mood is down, your confidence low or you’re feeling any other form of disquiet, here’s a sure way to improve how you feel!

And feeling good is bound to improve your health too!

We tend to think of love as something we give others, or receive from them. How about giving yourself some love?

‘Love is something we can choose, the same way we choose anger, or hate, or sadness. We can choose love. It’s always a choice within us. Let’s begin right now in this moment to choose love. It’s the most powerful healing force there is.’
~ Louise L. Hay, “The Power is Within You”

Just as dark can’t exist in the presence of light, discomfort can’t exist in the presence of love.

The question

After a couple of weeks of low energy and low mood, I woke up tired, and chose not to let this continue. What came to mind was the idea of giving myself love for no reason, so with nothing to lose, I simply asked myself:

Could I give myself love for no reason?

At first my response was a hesitant ‘Maybe’ – after all giving myself love wasn’t something I was used to doing. I asked the question again, and got a slightly more positive ‘Well, OK’.

Over and over

With my Sedona training, I know the value of persisting with a question, so I kept asking the question, over and over again, for ten minutes or so. By then my mood and energy had lightened considerably, so I was motivated to keep giving myself love for no reason whenever I remembered throughout the day.

Easing the wheels

Like me, the first person I helped to give herself love for no reason, got hesitant responses at first, so if that happens for you, here are some variations on the question that may help:

Could I give myself a little love for no reason?

Could I give myself a little more love for no reason?

Could I allow myself to receive love for no reason?

Whenever you remember

I’ve been using the question for a few weeks now, whenever it comes to mind, which is more some days than others, particularly when something comes up that bothers me. I’m amazed how easily it resolves the disquiet into quiet!

Give it a try!

Could I give myself love for no reason?

The Delicious Nugget: To resolve disquiet into quiet simply give yourself some love!

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