Apr 132012

New growthWhen my website got hacked it felt like the end of the world, yet within a few hours, after self-healing and help, I found myself immensely grateful!

Find out how I made this transition, and the healing nuggets highlighted by this experience.

To quickly see  the healing nuggets read down the green column. For the full story read across the rows.

Website hacked… …my response… …healing reflections
A client in India suggested my website might be infected with malware, as she’d been prompted to download a bogus anti-virus tool. Dealing with a hacked website was too much to handle. I was busy, my site seemed to be working fine, perhaps any malware was in her computer. I carefully put this to one side. We often ignore an initial warning sign, because we’re too busy or too afraid to face up to it. Denial.
I did notice my site dashboard was scrambled, but only on my desk computer, OK on my laptop. Must be something to do with my desk computer. And then ignore another warning sign…
I wanted to clarify how to make some adjustments to my site, and Skyped Dawud my ace website coach and advisor. As an afterthought at the end I said ‘By the way someone suggested my site may have been hacked…’  When we go to the doctor or a healer, we sometimes leave what’s really bothering us to the end of the session, like an afterthought.
Dawud took a quick look, and confirmed that it had indeed been hacked. He immediately removed the extra code. Initial shock.Then relief that the site was quickly sorted. We really want someone to fix us!
A few days later, the dashboard for my other website appeared scrambled. I emailed Dawud – was this site hacked? Yes. I started to take notice of the warning signs, and sought help, as I had no idea how to deal with hacking. We seek help.
I asked Dawud to sort the second site too. Relief, things seemed under control. We receive help – relief the issue seems sorted.
20 minutes later an email from Dawud saying that the malware had dug more deeply into both sites, it would take longer, and cost more, to clean out. Shock, frustration, anger – how had I let myself get into this position? Frustration that it’s not sorted at all, in fact it’s got worse.
10 mins later another email – it had gone deeper still – would take several hours and a much higher cost to clean both sites. And worse.
Dawud wasn’t available to discuss a way forward for several hours … I realised I had to take responsibility for this and face up to it. Eventually we take notice!
I remembered my tools, and quickly let go of all the feelings of frustration and anger (they didn’t even belong to me!). I connected with my LightSpheres to realign myself with my higher consciousness.Then I started to ask what’s right about this that I’m not getting….? Then we take responsibility, and start to use the resources and tools we have.
Then an idea emerged, for the amount it would cost to clean up my site, I could ask Dawud to set up the shell of a new site, with up to date functions, which I could develop myself. A way forward emerges…
11pm my time, Dawud and I had another Skype conversation and agreed he would set up the new sites, with all the latest security, and install the themes, and I would take over from there in a couple of days. I recognised that security and installing the new themes were beyond me, and sought expert help. Beyond that I could redevelop the sites myself, drawing on what I had learned from helping Clare set up our Spheres Of Light site.A good night’s sleep!  We recognise where we need help, and what we can do for ourselves.
In the shower the next morning I found myself feeling grateful my sites had been hacked, now I could make all the improvements I’d been thinking about for ages. We see the benefit of the health issue.
After Dawud completed his part, I realised I needed help with a few aspects of the theme. I don’t like asking people for favours. I acknowledged that I give lots of help to others, so let that resistance go, and asked Clare who willingly helped me. We ask our friends for help.
10 days later both sites were up and running! So much better! Still plenty of fine tuning to do. Now I’m in charge and enjoying making further improvements on an ongoing basis. We continue to take responsibility for our health, and enjoy looking after ourselves!

 The Delicious Nugget: Resolving your health issue requires you to change your perspective and take responsibility for yourself. You may also need expert help. And you may turn out to be grateful for what it brings you!


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  4 Responses to “Hacking And Healing”

  1. Hi May,
    How does it get any better than this? I also believe that one door closes another bigger and better one opens.
    Love the new look website, amazing colour scheme. Thank you for being you! x

    • Thanks Shanta, it does feel as if ‘infinite possibilities’ are opening up! Glad you like Delicious Healing’s new look.

  2. Aah the Universe in action…..everything happens for a reason. Cleverly written, thank you for sharing. Love and light x

    • Yes Annabel, the Universe sure works in apparently mysterious ways, that sometimes only become clear later!

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