Mar 162012

Engaging with your Spheres Of Light is the simplest way I know to access spiritual growth, healing  and insight!

All you need to do is ask to experience your innate LightSpheres, then relax and notice what happens. If you can happily do that, you’ve got it! Please enjoy all that your LightSpheres bring you.

If you have any doubts about this working for you – perhaps because it seems far too simple, please listen to my audio to help you deal with your doubts, and and be guided to engage with your own LightSpheres.

10 mins

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  4 Responses to “Quick Start For Spheres Of Light”

  1. May,
    When I did the exercise, the sphere rapidly expanded until it was pushing at the boundaries of my body. Then I had the thought that, like the Tardus, we are larger on the inside than the outside. But at the boundary, I didn’t know whether the sphere should expand to encompass the body, then keep on to encompass other objects and beings, or whether it should just keep pushing the outlines of the body out indefinitely?

    • Ramona,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. really there’s no right or wrong way to engage with your Spheres Of Light, it’s more a question of allowing your experience to unfold in the unique way it does for you at the time. So, next time you engage, simply be curious and see what happens, without try to direct it in any way.

      You may also find your experience changes each time you engage, so it’s best not to have an expectation of what will happen.

      Our Experiences page on the Spheres Of Light website includes many varied ways people have experienced engaging.

  2. Thanks a lot May , God bless you ,I found it very positive, keep on helping people to be more spiritually awaken and to ease their pain until they learn how to deal with it!

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