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woman-questioningThere are so many healing modalities available it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. And of course you want the best one to help resolve your health issue.

While there are many healing methods, in essence they all boil down to one thing. They help you to access your inner being – the essential, ‘inner you’ that often gets buried beneath all the thoughts, feelings and beliefs you’ve collected through your life. Once you achieve that state of be-ing, and assuming you don’t have a vested interest in holding on to your condition, your healing can easily take place.

So the short answer is that any healing method can help you!

However, in practice, as humans we have dispositions and preferences, so we need to look at the long answer too.

Exploring Delicious Healing modalities

Delicious Healing methods span a spectrum from passive to active participation.

Starting at the passive end, there’s Reconnective Healing where you simply relax with your eyes closed while I help you unconsciously access your inner be-ing. Once there, you allow the power that made you to be the power to heal you. This appeals to people who want to get out of the way and allow their healing to happen.

Quantum Touch can be entirely passive, though clients usually choose to participate by giving feedback on what they feel. While you relax, you receive healing energy which your innate healing intelligence picks up to use in the way it knows best for your healing. If you choose you can give feedback on the sensations you feel.

EFT is a more active modality, where I guide you to tap a series of points on your head and upper body, while holding your health issue in mind, and you experience relief. Tapping helps you access your intuition, and you’ll likely gain spontaneous insights into the origin of your issue, which we then neutralise with more tapping.

The Sedona Method is another active modality, where I help you release your feelings about your discomfort. You participate by identifying the feeling present, and responding to the question ‘Could you let it go?’ We work together to release the accumulated feelings, until you reach the peaceful place of your inner be-ing.

With the One Command, I guide you through a six step process which includes going into the theta state in source where you ‘command’ the health you seek, and can ‘download’ all the insights and action steps you need for your healing. Old beliefs are automatically unwound from your DNA, and new ones installed. Then you watch for the synchronicities you need to act on to achieve your desired health state.

In practice with Delicious Healing most clients receive a blend of modalities, that I sense best suit them. For example, if you feel depleted we start with a more passive method such as the nurturing 12 Colour Meditation, moving on to more active participation as your energy and motivation rise.

Check what resonates for you

The most reliable pointer is your intuition – your gut feeling that says ‘yes’ to a healing method. Consider each healing method in turn, and notice which one ‘sings’ for you  – the one that gives you a feeling of lightness and expansion. The ones that aren’t for you will give you a feeling of heaviness and contraction as you consider them.

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The Delicious Nugget: All healing methods access your inner be-ing. One way of choosing an appropriatehealing method for you is to consider how actively you want to be involved in your healing. Most important though, is to go with your gut feeling.

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