May 142009

half-avocadoAvocado stones (pits) are extremely high in insoluble fibre, which binds to excess cholesterol, and there is more anti-oxidant in the stone than the rest of the avocado!

The avocado stone is surprisingly soft – simply cut through the whole avocado, and the knife goes through the stone. Safer than trying to cut a slippery stone.

I’ve tried the stone grated in salad – it’s OK if you like a bitter taste. The best way is to add half an avocado stone to your green smoothie.

Thanks to Victoria Bounteko of The Raw Family for this tip.

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  4 Responses to “Try eating your avocado stone!”

  1. Peaches, black cherries, apricots and apple seeds/pits contain a compound called amygdalin.
    Your body metabolizes amygdalin as hydrogen cyanide, which can make you very sick and even kill you (in large doses).

    • Yes, Chris, there are small amounts of toxic substances in many foods. When I put one apple in my smoothie, everything goes in except the stalk. The key as you say is not to eat to eat them in large doses, or consistently, eg a dozen apples every day might not be a good idea!

      Also any fear that a food may not be good for you is unhelpful to your energy system.

  2. I thought I had heard somewhere thT the avocado stone contains toxins- arenic or even cyanide, and was afraid to eat it because of that. Is that not true.

    • Anthony, thanks for raising this point! Many foods contain toxic substances, oftten in very small quantities. That’s why it’s good to rotate the greens in your green smoothie so you’re not building up a toxin by over-eating it. So avocado stones in moderation are fine. I am confident in Victoria Boutenko’s recommendations, as she is a thorough researcher.

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