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woman-holding-seedling-in-handsOnce you’ve been through the six steps of making a command for your health (see my Quick Start article, and audio), you’re probably wondering what happens next. You may find questions starting to surface, like: Did I do it properly, Should I command again? Is this really going to work for me?

Once you have made your command that part is done, you have planted the seed and it is inherently programmed to grow and blossom. Like a seed your command will thrive in a good environment, or it may wither away if it lands on stony ground.

Here are three ways to give your command a good nurturing environment.

1. Remember your Command is already made

Once you have made your command, your neurology is already changed – you have downloaded new beliefs and programming into your brain, your cells and your DNA. Just as there’s no need to dig up your seed and sow it again, there’s no need to repeat your command.

2. Affirm rather than repeat

Unlike affirmations, your command takes effect instantaneously, so you only make it once. If you find yourself wanting to repeat the process, try affirming your command to yourself instead.

To affirm your command: cover your right eye, and look from your left eye into a reflection of the same eye in your mirror, as you make a statement along the lines:

Lisa, I absolutely know <<your intention>>, and I totally support you in this.

Looking from left eye to left eye means you access the creative side of your brain, which doesn’t argue with you. At a Commanding Health Circle, you experience the power of having your command affirmed by everyone in the Circle. What a difference that makes!

3. Keep ‘meeting yourself in the moment’

This means whenever a doubtful feeling or thought arises – you flip it to its positive opposite, and do a Command on it.

For example if you find yourself thinking ‘this isn’t working for me’, you go on to make another Command along the lines:

“I don’t know how I believe this One Command process works for me, I only know I do so now, and I am grateful.”

If you can’t meet your self immediately in the moment, aim to do so as soon afterwards as you can. The more you practice, the quicker the process becomes.

As you keep flipping your doubts into new commands you gradually replace all your old beliefs, that don’t align with your command, with new beliefs that do align. Once all your out-of-alignment beliefs have been ‘upgraded’ to new ones that align, your command can manifest.

Keeping meeting yourself in the moment is perhaps the most important thing you need to do to  make sure your commands blossom!

The Delicious Nugget: Once you’ve made your One Command there’s no need to repeat it. You can make sure it blossoms by affirming it to yourself, and meeting any doubts that arise in the moment by flipping them into new commands.

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  15 Responses to “Three ways to ensure your One Command blossoms”

  1. May, Thank you for graciously posting this process. I just tried it for neck and shoulder stiffness and felt some immediate relief. However, the stiffness is just a symptom of anxiety and stress, so should I also do a Command on that to prevent the symptom from recurring?

    • Ramona, I’m delighted you got some relief for your shoulder and neck stiffness. 🙂

      I’m curious to know whether the stiffness has recurred. If not, then your Command may have already addressed the underlying cause, in which case you don’t need to do more.

      However, from the perspective of ‘Meeting yourself in the moment’, then, yes, it would be good to address your concern that the stiffness may recur. Perhaps with a Command along the lines:

      I don’t know how the relief in my neck and shoulders continues, I only know it does so now, and I’m grateful.

      and/or, to address the anxiety and stress:

      I don’t know how I experience ease in my life, I only know I do so now, and I’m grateful.

      Remember: check what’s bothering you right now, and turn it around into a positive Command for what you do want. Hope this helps.

  2. Hi Shannon,

    I’m glad you find my vice soothing! Now to answer your questions:

    1. When I started I did indeed follow the instructions in Asara’s book to stand on pieces of paper. And I’ve also taught people to use TOC without that because the room was too small. So I’d say a nice extra, but not essential.

    2. There isn’t really a ‘right’ way, so do go with the order that feels right for you. Perhaps the new energy gets in in to help with the unwinding?

    3. I don’t think you need to worry about raising your vibration when you Command – it’s part of the process. Do you feel your vibration is higher after making a Command? Later, if you feel any doubt coming in, or you’re aware you have a low vibration, you can meet yourself in the moment, and Command for whatever you’ve noticed coming in the way, which could be along the lines;
    I don’t know how my vibration is a perfect match for , I only know it is so now, and I’m grateful.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  3. Hi May,
    I’ve been reading The One Command this weekend and glad I found your recording to make it easier. You indeed have a soothing voice. A couple questions:
    1. When you 1st started did you find it made a difference to stand on pieces of paper with each step written on it as she instructs in the book?
    2. Why do you bring the energy into your DNA before unwinding and rewinding? It makes more sense to me to unwind the old programming 1st before bringing in the energy while rewinding. Any thoughts on that?
    3. How does one know if their vibration is even close enough to match the command? If someone has a very low vibration and energy they don’t have much chance in the process working for them do they? Any recommendations on how one could work on raising their vibration enough so the command will work?
    In Health, Wealth and Happiness,

  4. Hi Troy, and welcome to my site!

    No, it’s not usual for people to experience the discomfort you had.

    That said, it could be your response to rolling your eyes up, so I suggest you either miss out that step, or just raise your eyes very slightly, and only for a short time.

    Or, here’s another way to reach the place of possibilities; instead of expanding out into the universe, go deep into the still space within – this has the advantage that you don’t do anything with your eyes.

    I hope this eases your Commands, and do Contact me direct if you need further help.

    • Wow, that was quick. Thank you so much. That is exactly what I was doing; rolling my eyes up. and I was really trying hard to make sure that I was doing it right. I’m hoping that the nausea I experienced somehow means that my command was deeply implanted and delivered.

      Thanks again,


  5. Hi May. I’m new to your site and I would like to know if anyone has experienced extreme nausea while going through the six steps of the One Command. While doing step 4 or 5 I all of a sudden started to lose my balance, I started sweating and got very nauseated. Is this normal?



  6. Franklin, that’s a great command, I would make a small adjustment to make it more positive and ih the present (changing how ‘to’ feel to how ‘I’ feel):

    GOD, I don’t know how I feel your love and peace in my life now, but I do know that I’m healed and I’m fullfilled and am greatful.

    You mention you feel full of doubt and fear – so you may want to change that into what you would like instead, and command on that.

    Keep Commanding!

  7. I’ve had this book for years and in my gut know I can manifest great changes. I’m so full of doubt and fear which is my insecurities and my distorted thinking. Sometimes I think therapy is my key or even tears but it doesn’t really heal as quickly as one’s mind can do. It is first and foremost having perfect faith, and a heart that knows change is possiable as well as love, peace, success etc. I want to try to form a command now:

    GOD, I don’t know how to feel your love and peace in my life now, but I do know that I’m healed and I’m fullfilled and am greatful. Thank you for touching my heart now.

    Bless everyone and everything today,

    I AM Franklin

  8. Hi Terry, good question! The time lapse mainly depends on how close your vibration is to what you have commanded for. So, if you have any doubts or hold any beliefs (conscious or otherwise) that are out of alignment with your Command, you need to resolve them before you see your Command manifest. It’s as if it’s there waiting, but you have the door partially closed.

    So, the time for your Command to manifest varies with every person and each Command.

    Keep meeting yourself in the moment!

  9. Hi may I love the one command concept but how long does it take to manifest into its physical form.



  10. Nikki, as with all Commands, you command for what you want, so from what you say, it would be along the lines “I don’t know how I win the big lottery, I only know I do so now and I’m grateful”.

    Then, if any doubts arise, meet yourself in the moment with another command.

    Joyfully, May

  11. Hi May

    Thanks for replying si quickly. Can u tell me what command you would use to win the lottery? I want to win the big one.

  12. Hi Nikki, the trick is to consider ‘What do I want instead?’.

    I’m guessing this could be along the lines: ‘I don’t know how I easily pay my biils on time, I only know I do so now, and I am grateful.’

    And: ‘I don’t know how I feel perfectly safe with my creditors, …’, or to go beyond having creditors: ‘I don’t know how I am always in credit, …’

    However, it’s best to phrase your command in your own words – see my article ‘Quick Start for The One Command’ for wording.

    So, choose what you would like instead, and make your command!

    Joyfully, May

  13. Hi May I am dcing a command for bills that are due instantly how would you phrase this? I also want to feel safe from creditors while I’m manifesting.

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