Mar 122009

helping-handIt can be tricky to know when to reach out for healing help. You may think that given time your sore back will heal itself, or feel that with your knowledge of healing techniques and remedies, you should be able to heal yourself.

Many conditions do indeed resolve themselves, though some do not. The question is: how long are you willing to wait to get back to normal living again?

Here are six situations where you’re likely to need help.

1. When you have a chronic health condition
If your health situation has persisted for some time, the chances are your body is not accessing the vibration of energy it needs to set healing in motion. So you need some external energy to at least kick start your body’s healing processes.

2. When you experience some improvement, but it doesn’t last
If you’ve sought help, or used healing on yourself and the condition has improved for a while, only to return later, the underlying condition has not been resolved. This is very frustrating! A healer will help you to resolve the underlying issue that keeps triggering your condition.

3. When you simply don’t have enough energy to heal yourself
If your health condition has drained your energy, you may not have the resources to help yourself, and therefore need help. A healer will help you entrain to a higher energy level, where healing can take place.

4. When you need a broader perspective
It’s easy to get so entrenched in your health situation that you lose the broader picture. A healer can help you find another perspective on the situation to break out of the rut. This works particularly well with EFT, where the healer’s questions often lead to new insights about the cause of the condition.

5. When you want to focus your energy on receiving healing
As a healer who regularly uses self-healing on myself, I really appreciate the luxury of working with a healer. I can relax into the healing space my healer creates, and focus on receiving my healing without thinking about what to do next!

6. When you’re unsure just how to use self-healing on yourself
Many healing modalities – including all the ones I use – have a self-help version, which usually differs from the version used on other people. If you feel attracted to using a healing method yourself, see if the practitioner will help you learn it alongside your healing.

The Delicious Nugget: Unless your health issue is improving, or you are truly happy to live with it, you are likely to benefit from some healing help.

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