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If you’re considering learning to run The Bars on other people, and you’ve seen Fred – my Bars head, or a diagram of the 32 points, you may well think they’ll be difficult to learn. Here are seven ways a Bars Training Day is made easy for you.

First, we do some clearings at the start of the day to release any blocks you may have to learning the Bars. This ensures you’ll be receptive to the training.

Second, there’s an inbuilt feature that tells you when the Bar is activated. For example, when you activate the healing Bar, which is in the middle of the person’s temple, you feel heat in your finger. If you don’t feel the heat you simply move your finger around till you find the heat, and your on the Healing Bar. This inbuilt feature is a great way to accommodate the unique shape of each person’s head!

Third, you’ll give two supervised Bars sessions as part of the training, (and receive two sessions too). So you’ll have practised finding the points twice.

Fourth, you go home with a comprehensive Manual including diagrams of all the Bars points, and a one page crib sheet for a sample Bars session.

Fifth, in my Bars Trainings, I’m committed to ensuring participants end the day feeling confident that they can go away and run people’s Bars.  I’ll ‘follow the energy’ to ensure your concerns are addressed.

Sixth, participants of Bars classes often set up exchanges afterwards, so you can  practice, while benefitting from having your Bars run!

Seventh, you can’t harm someone with The Bars. So there’s no need to worry.

Oh, and one more thing, children pick up The Bars very quickly!

The Delicious Nugget: If you’re keen, it’s easy to learn to run The Bars.

More questions about learning The Bars?  Please ask below.

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  6 Responses to “Seven reasons why it’s easy to learn The Bars”

  1. I would love to be able to learn this, but I live in Wisconsin – Anywhere in the midwest of USA that it is offered? Thanks Katy

  2. Hello May!I had to write and tell you how you were so instrumental in helping me to get my joy back!I feel like I have been on a downward spiral for the last year and a half.I have been a spiritual seeker for over 23 years,I know that I am god,I know that God moves thru me,I’ve had some amazing therapies and experiences,I am a reiki master and ordained minister.Yet,I have felt so disconnected for the last 18 months.This disconnection really affected my finances and even though I’ve had some small health issues,I can receive healing quickly and my relationships are good.I has just been this money and finding right livelihood that had me down.Then, I randomly clicked on Rikka Zimmermans’name on your last news letter two days ago and OH MY LOVELY GOD!!I am absolutely hooked!I can’t wait to get home from work to hear more Access Consciousness.I really wish I could attend your bars class,because,I want to learn all I can about access consciousness but,I live in Indiana,USA.Do you think you would ever be coming this way?I don’t know if Rikka travels this way, but I am sure it wouldn’t hurt to find out! Anyway, hugs and kisses and a great big thank you for existing! Cindy Jones

    • Hi Cindy, yes Rikka is a phenomenal and highly inspirational teacher of Access!

      No plans to come to Indiana at the moment, and what would it take for me to come and see you?!

      Meanwhile, I found a Bars facilitator for you in NW Indiana, and will email her details to you.

      What else is possible!

  3. I don’t know if you’re aware of Donna Eden, her work and her book “Energy Medicine” but these “bars” look very much like a sexed up version of the neurovascular head points.

    • Yes, I love Donna Eden’s work, see my post Refresh Your Energies In Just 5 Minutes

      A lot of people ask how The Bars are related to reflexology, acupuncture etc, so thanks for raising this.

      The Bars points do not correlate with the neurovascular head points, although there are some locations common to the two systems. For example, the Bars has a concentration of points around the ears, while the neurovasculars are more spread out over the whole head.

      While the nuerovasculare are used to balance the energy in meridians, running The Bars dissipates old conditioning from the mind.

      Both approaches are very valuable, just different!

      I think the best way to experience the difference would be to have your Bars run, and see what happens for you!

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