Apr 112014

Child playing in kitchenIt’s easy to be serious about your healing. 

After all your discomfort is something you really, really want to change – a serious business. 

But, what if seriousness is getting in the way? 

As a ‘serious’ person, it’s good for me to spend time with Alfie my three year old grandson, and open up to his playfulness and sense of humour.  And be reminded how playfulness plays a part in healing. 

And where might a more playful approach take you?

A playful approach to healing can open new doors for you. Doors to a different healing experience. Doors that lead with more ease and grace to wellness.

Being playful, like a child, takes you out of your habitual thinking, so you can be open to new possibilities and new perspectives. Two key elements of being playful are being creative, and being curious.

Be creative

Playing with Alfie, my three-year-old grandson, I’m often surprised by his creative play with whatever is at hand, like kitchen utensils combined with his train.

A client and I came up with the idea of holding the TAT Pose while saying ‘I love you’ to your image in the mirror. A powerful way to enhance a traditional method of raising self-esteem.

There are many ways to blend healing approaches, for example visualizing yourself better merges well with most healing methods.

But rather than plan a creative approach, a ‘Delicious blend’ often emerges in an intuitive way as I help someone find their healing space.

So, try inviting creativity into your healing.

Be curious

Alfie’s curiosity knows no bounds; as he builds with Lego he experiments with all sorts of construction possibilities well outside my narrow ‘adult’ approach. 

Whatever healing method you choose, being curious is a great way to allow your energy system to open up to the healing process.

As we start a Delicious Healing session, I often say to clients:

“Relax, have an open mind and be curious like a child to see what unfolds?”

A curious approach helps you let go of pre-conceived ideas about the healing process, so you can easily move into the healing space where transformation takes place.

So, try being curious to see how your healing will unfold.

Please share how a playful approach has opened up healing for you.

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