Apr 252014

Fingers holding backs of kneesHere is a very quick way to release tension from your whole body, and more!

Typically, at first, I notice my tense shoulders drop.

Then, somewhat to my surprise the first few times I did this, I noticed my neck, face and the inside of my head smoothing out – places I hadn’t even been aware were carrying tension!

Then I noticed my thinking had slowed down and relaxed too.

All very welcome, so here’s the easy way to relax your whole energy system!

While sitting down, gently hold the centre of the backs of your knees with the finger tips of each hand.

Take your attention to your body and notice the tension draining away. Maintain the hold until you feel fully relaxed – anything from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Nowadays when using my laptop, I periodically pause, and hold the backs of my knee to fully relax myself.

You can use this hold unobtrusively in many situations; at your desk, in a cafe, on the train, etc.

So, if you’d like to relax your whole energy system, including parts you don’t even know are tense, use this hold!

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  5 Responses to “Instant Relaxation”

  1. Very interesting, In trying it, I notice that attempting to do this on both sides at once actually creates tension and strain in my lower back. Does it need to be done on both side at the same time?


    • Anne, good to hear from you again! Yes, you can hold one knee, and then the other.

      However, to avoid creating tension in your lower back, I suggest you ask someone to hold the backs of your knees for you while you’re lying down, or in some other comfortable position.

      Once you’ve experienced the relaxation that way, you could play around with finding comfortable ways to do the hold for yourself. For example, I sometimes hold the backs of my knees while lying on my side in the foetus position in bed.

      Let me know how it goes for you.

  2. Thank you, May for this. I recently found out my dad’s bypasses have clogged back up and he’s not a candidate for any further procedures due to other health issues. I immediately felt relief. I’m sure I’ll be using this in the coming year or so that they’ve estimated for him, and beyond.

    • Sue, I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad, and am sending healing energies to you both.

      I’m glad you felt relief from Instant Relaxation, and if at any point your Dad would like relief, you can hold the backs of his knees for him, while he is sitting or lying down.

      Look after yourself as well as your Dad 🙂

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