Jun 022010

Do you have an ongoing health issue that isn’t responding to healing?

Are your self-healing efforts not working?

Are you unsure whether the healing you offer others is having any effect?

If you responded ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, the chances are you have old conditioning that’s sabotaging your healing efforts. What would it be like to let go of beliefs like ‘I never heal’, ‘I don’t deserve to heal’, ‘I’ll never be a healer’, or any of the other uncsoncious beliefs that keep running in the background of your mind?

Running the Healing Bar allows you to release all your conditioning around healing: being healed, healing yourself, and offering healing to others. What would it be like to be completely open to giving and receiving healing?

In the audio recording I’ll activate and run your Healing Bar. It’s an automatic process, rather like pressing the Delete button to send a file to the wastebin in your computer. All you need to do is find a warm comfortable place, turn up your speakers, press play and relax. It won’t even matter if you nod off, because your Healing Bar will run anyway! What else is possible?

Caution: my voice and running your Bars have a calming and relaxing effect, so please wait until you have finished driving or operating machinery before listening.

10 mins

To Download right/option click, and Save.

Afterwards, your brain has done a lot of work dissipating the old conditioning, so it may need extra water, salt or sugar.

The Delicious Nuggett: It’s easy to release conditioning that’s getting in the way of healing by asking someone to run your Healing Bar!

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  24 Responses to “Open Up To Healing With The Healing Bar”

  1. Thank you I felt a burn in my head and then I felt like someone had a rope at my head and pulled me right up and then my nose tingeled, I’m curious what it will do for me.
    kind regards

    • My pleasure, Cindy! I like how you’re curious to see what it will do for you – keep asking questions!

  2. Thank you that was realy good. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and am youst to sending and reseving distant healing. I have to say i am inprest and i need to learn this and pass it on to my clints as it would work so well for them. I am a dyslexic person so am very interested in the balancing of the brain and getting rid of auled ideas that are limitating to people like myself.

    • Glad you found it good, Jo.

      You may like live with the question : ‘What would it take to have a balanced brain?’ … and see what shows up for you

  3. why dont you have bars session for wealth too

    • Rihana, there is indeed a Bar for Money, however as the focus of Delicious Healing is on Healing, I chose that Bar for you to experience.

      In a full Bars session, where all 32 Bars are run, that would include all the Bars relating to wealth.

  4. Thank May, how much better can it get than this? I feel calmed and released from a mad trip down the dark alley of a made up thought of poor me. Now after this bars running session I feel like going to bed to sleep and rest :)))

    • So glad you feel calm and relaxed, Anton!

      Being aware we make up our thoughts, ie we’re not our thoughts, is a great step towards letting them go, or replacing them with ones that serve us better.

  5. Thank you May! I’m feeling happy and relaxed. I’m delighted to have met you in person as well as long-distance…I look forward to training with you soon in Berwick…how does it get any better than that?

  6. I have just ended a process to release pain and got important insights for releasing lifelong sickness pattern, was guided to your bar process – – Your bar process cleared it all out – I felt much energy shifting, saw sparkles flying and feel a physical release of pain center! Gratitude and Blessings!

  7. May doesn’t have any points of view about healing left! With all these points of view around the globe being dissapated and her gifting, so her’s going too! love it

  8. Thank you for runninb the BARS on me. I feel totally relaxed and am in no mood to smoke for a long time.

  9. Deeply relaxing, leaving a feeling of warmth in the afected area. I plan to return for more.

  10. Wow. Thanks so much for providing this May. It was PERFECT. I have only learned about Access recently and was wondering if it could be done ‘remotely’. This certainly goes well BEYOND answering my question. My body is still buzzing !

    I’m sure I will listen again, as I expect like most things, that produces additional benefits. How much time should you let elapse between listens?

    • Glad you’re buzzing Linda! How does it get any better than that? You can listen again when you feel like it.

      Joyfully, May

  11. Dear May,

    By “coincidence” I came upon your website. I think you have quit good articles for example about peeling the layers of the onion with problems. I have just listend to the recording of the healing bar because that is one of my issues; knowing I have it all inside me but not being able to heal certain issues or feel my healing-potential flowing to myself or others. It was quit relaxing and I felt the energy flowing in my body and brain.
    Thank you!

    With love and light,


    • Perhaps not such a ‘coincidence?! I’m glad you found the Healing Bar relaxing, and felt the energy flowing. What would it be like to have all 32 Bars run?

      Joyfully, May

  12. Dear May….

    It worked in the end and I did it!

    Very relaxing and I fell asleep just at the end.Completely zonked right out…..:)

    Thanks again…..


    • Hi Lisa,

      I’m glad you got the recording to play! During a Bars session people usually feel progressively relaxed. How does it get any better than that?


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