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3D white people. Resting on a check markI’m regularly ‘Noticing & Resting’ to magically dissolve issues on the spot! I’ve come full circle – and with a deeper understanding – to an evolution of an approach I first learned fifteen years ago!

The Sedona Method – the basis of Noticing & Resting – was one of the first healing approaches I learned. After a weekend workshop of letting go of feelings my stress level, and associated physical symptoms including migraines, would disappear, and my energy level soar – so much so that people told me I looked different!

But the improvement was usually short-lived, after a couple of weeks I’d be back to feeling stressed again because, at the time, I just didn’t get into the habit of consistently releasing. Still the seed was planted, and I’ve continued, on and off, to explore the Method.

In the intervening years both the Method, and my perception of it, have evolved, leading me to my current practice of ‘Noticing & Resting’.

Noticing & Resting is my interpretation of the Sedona Method’s Triple Welcome approach, strongly influenced by Sedona Coach Susan Seifert. But you don’t need to know the Sedona Method to benefit from Noticing & Resting!

Susan made releasing so much easier for me by explaining two things. First, ‘Noticing’ is just as effective as the rather more challenging concept of ‘Welcoming’ uncomfortable feelings. And, second, she emphasises that we don’t need to know how we let go, or what we’re letting go of, rather we can let our minds off the hook and just trust the process. Phew, what a relief!

How to Notice & Rest 

In essence, Noticing & Resting involves: noticing 3 aspects of your discomfort, then ‘letting go’, and finally Resting into the stillness that emerges.

Here’s the process, you can ask yourself the following questions, or scroll down to the audio where I guide you through. You can Notice & Rest with your eyes open or closed

1. Could you notice the issue that’s bothering you?
The pictures, stories, sensations, emotions etc. No need to go into detail, just catching a few threads of the ‘tapestry’ is enough to connect with the whole issue.

2. Could you notice your reactions to the issue:
Reactions might be: resisting the issue, wanting to control it, wanting to change it, wanting approval from others or yourself, wanting to figure it all out. And  – or something else …

3. Could you notice any sense of the issue being personal to you?
That it’s yours, that you’re identified with it, or attached to it.  I know, this is a strange one! But we are not our feelings – I may feel angry, but I am not anger.

4. Now, could you simply let go?
You don’t need to know how, or of what. It’s simply a decision. Check for a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ response, and trust whichever comes up. Surprisingly, a ‘No’ response is just as effective as a ‘Yes’ response!

5. Now, check and see; is there some stillness / lightness / expansion / calm present? The smallest sense, or tiniest pinprick of stillness is enough to connect with!

6. Finally, could you allow yourself to Rest into that stillness for a while? …..

If necessary, cycle through the process a couple more times, until you feel at peace in the stillness.

Noticing & Resting Guided Audio

Here I guide you through Noticing & Resting. As well as being able to relax into the process, you’ll benefit from my deep presence with you – yes, this is transmitted through the recording!

Once you’ve listened a few times, you’ll be able to Notice & Rest on your own. It only needs to take a couple of minutes, though if you’re like me, you may find yourself Resting into stillness for longer!

6.5 minutes

To download, Right click or Option click, and Save.

If you’d like more help to Notice & Rest into stillness and ease, we can do that in a Delicious Healing Session.

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