Oct 022014

brain that rests on a chaise longueResting is different to relaxing.

When someone asks me to relax, I immediately think of doing something, like slowing my breathing or letting go of tight muscles. Even thinking about doing these things is doing something with my brain!

Resting, on the other hand, is doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. No thinking. No moving. No tensing. No conscious relaxing.

When you do nothing, stress has a chance to unravel out of your body. Your mind quiets from its continual chatter, so there’s space to receive new insights. Healing takes place. Wellbeing increases.

Of course your body’s involuntary systems that keep you alive, like breathing and digesting food continue anyway, no need to think about them.

So, back to doing nothing. It’s easier said than done I know!

Here’s the shortcut I discovered. More and more I’ve noticed that when I let my brain rest, the tension in my body goes too.

Try it – simply take your attention to the inside of your head, and let the physical tension in your brain go … allow yourself to sink into that restful feeling … and be there a while …

That’s pretty much it, there’s not really much to say about doing nothing! I hope you too find that resting your brain is a shortcut to resting your whole being.

If you need a bit of a technique to help you get started, Intentional Resting, is the most minimal one I know.

  • Say to yourself, once only:
    • I’m resting into deep rest now, OR
    • I’m resting for my brain now.
  • Then sink into that restful feeling!

If you’d like some personal guidance to help rest your whole system and promote healing and wellbeing, please Contact me.

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