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head-thinkingIt’s very frustrating when you’ve tried various types of healing, and your health problem persists. Or it gets better for a while, only to return yet again.

This article will help you to find out what’s going on under the surface, and sabotaging your efforts to heal.

Imagine you’re rowing as hard as you can up a river, and you realise you’re not making any headway at all – you never get past that tree on the bank. This is because the current flowing down the river is holding you back, despite all your hard efforts. You’ll have an easier journey if you turn round and go with, instead of against the current.

Your unconscious mind is rather like the river, only its currents are your unconscious beliefs. Some beliefs make it really hard to heal – just like trying to row upstream. These beliefs are usually negative, and stem from conditioning early in your life.

For example, if you got into trouble for snatching your playmate’s toy without asking, you might have developed the thought ‘someone has to give me permission to get what I want, I can’t give myself permission’. After you’d repeated this thought many times in your mind it became a belief. And so in adulthood, you may be running an unconscious belief that you can’t give yourself permission to have the things you want, including your improved health.

The good news is you can quickly identify which limiting beliefs are operating for you, and then you’ll be ready to neutralise them, and move forward at last.

Ten core beliefs

Here are ten beliefs which, if operating positively in your subconscious mind, will help you heal.

  1. It’s a benefit for me to heal.
  2. It’s a benefit for others when I heal.
  3. It’s safe for me to heal.
  4. It’s safe for others when I heal.
  5. I give myself permission to heal.
  6. It’s possible for me to heal.
  7. I deserve to heal.
  8. I’ll feel fulfilled when I heal.
  9. I’m motivated to heal.
  10. All parts of me are aligned to heal.

If your unconscious mind holds any of the beliefs in its negative form, it will sabotage your healing efforts.

For example, if your unconscious mind believes ‘I don’t have permission to get what I want’, your unconscious self will get in the way of your healing.

Fortunately there’s a simple way to ‘truth test’ the ten core beliefs. to  find out which ones are operating.

Truth testing the core beliefs

Here’s how to test which beliefs are operating for you:

1. Say the first belief out loud

“It’s a benefit for me to heal”

2. Take the truth test

Now imagine a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is not true, and 10 is completely true, and gauge from your gut reaction how true the statement is for you. You’re looking for a quick gut response that comes from your unconscious mind, so trust the first number that comes to mind. If you start to think about what the number means you’ve activated your conscious mind again, and you’ll get a different number, which isn’t what we’re after. The key here is to access your unconscious rating.

3. For a high rating

If you get a high number of 6 or more the belief is operating in a positive way, move on to the next belief.

4. For a low rating

If you get a low number of 4 or less the belief is operating against you, so you need to neutralise it. You can do this with tools such as TAT, EFT, The Sedona Method The Bars,  or The One Command.

Once you’ve stopped trying to row upstream with core beliefs acting against you, you can head downstream and experience your healing taking off!

The Delicious Nugget: If you are not healing, you may be running a negative belief which is sabotaging your efforts. Truth testing will help you identify which belief is operating, so you can move on to neutralise it.

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