Dec 202013

Gift with light emergingHow would you like to experience Christmas this year?

Would you like to feel more ease and joy, and less stress and worry?

If you’d like more ease and joy, an ‘inside-out’ approach may be just the ticket!

And the good news is you don’t need to ‘do’ anything to achieve more peace and joy. Rather, at this busy time of year, doing less, particularly less ‘personal’ thinking and worrying, may well make for a much more peaceful experience for you, which will then radiate out to those around you.

It may appear that the pressures of Christmas are brought on by things happening outside of yourself; what others expect you to do, thinking up and buying presents, spending time with Uncle Albert, preparing and sharing that special meal, and fitting all this into your already busy life!

What if this stress comes not from the people and situations in the world around you, but instead from inside – from your own ‘personal’ thinking which flavours the way you respond to what’s going on around you?

Simply pausing the cycle of personal thinking and the insecurity it generates, allows you to connect to your inner self, so that pure ‘original’ thought can bubble up to the surface, making whatever scenario you face look so different.

There’s always another perspective from which you can view a situation, and the one likely to give lasting ease and joy, is your inner perspective which comes from pure thought deep within.

Your experience may not change overnight, though it certainly can! However, simply noticing when your experience seems to be coming from the outside opens the door to allowing your inner experience to surface…

How about allowing yourself to experience Christmas from the inside out this year?

Happy Christmas!


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