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Man rellaxingCharles contacted me because he suffers from migraines, typically losing a day and a half a month out of his life as his neck locks up, and his vision goes awry.

During our Skype session his perspective changed, and he found himself identifying changes he could make to decrease the stress in his life.   

Prior to our session Charles had already taken steps to greatly reduce the frequency and impact of his migraines. He had regular sessions of Nucca chiropractic, and used several strategies to ameliorate the discomfort of his migraine, including going for a walk turning, down the lights, a mega does of fish oil, and taking an Epsom salts bath.

In these approaches he was looking for  ‘outside’ answers, and they certainly helped him – to an extent.

But Charles contacted me because he wanted ‘perfect health, not a chronic condition’.

As I asked him some questions about his situation and how he would like his life to be, insights flowed into Charles’ awareness.

He sensed that he needed to reduce the stress in his life and get a better life/work balance. Specifically he became aware that he needed to: set boundaries on his work hours, take regular time off, relax more and find a hobby he enjoys.

Because his ideas came from within, Charles is far more likely to be motivated to put them into practice, than if someone had suggested them to him. When someone else motivates you to do something, while the inspiration is strong in the moment, it tends to wane once you’re away from the person’s influence.

Because his ideas came from within, they are tailored perfectly to Charles’ situation. While someone else’s suggestions worked well for them, they would not necessarily be appropriate for Charles.

Tips for finding the answer within

1. Trust you can access your own inner wisdom.

2. Let go of expectations about what your wisdom will tell you; it’s likely to be outside your current thinking, or you’d have thought of it already! Aim to be ‘in neutral’!

3. If you like, use ‘tools’ to help you connect to your wisdom, such as the TAT Pose, until you find you can go direct to the Source of wisdom, perhaps by asking Spheres Of Light.

4. If you ask someone to help, be sure they will help you find your own answers, and not impose theirs! Someone to facilitate, be a witness, and share their energy of connection.

Of course if the pain is too much to start exploring within, you need some relief first. In Charles’ case I shared Migraine Relief which I find effective the first sign of a migraine. More generally, for any type of pain – physical, emotional or mental – I invite you to experience my free audio Mini Healing ‘Ease Your Pain’.

And if you’d like some help to find your answers within, please book a Session with me.

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