Apr 262012

Would you like to be able to relax instantly, at will? Well you can, it’s easy! Here’s the simplest of techniques I’ve been using for a couple of months.

As well as a general relaxing effect, I find it helps prevent a headache from developing.

Surprisingly, it’s to do with your skull. Your skull is made up of 8 cranial plates, which move rhythmically, but imperceptibly, with your breath. Tension can shift the plates from their natural position.

Simply intending, or allowing, these plates to rest back into their natural position has an immediate relaxing effect. As your skull relaxes, you’ll find your scalp and face relaxing on the outside, and your brain relaxing on the inside. As the whole of your head relaxes so does the rest of your body…

Ready to give it a go? Simply allow your skull to relax – the rest will take care of itself!

How did that go for you?

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  6 Responses to “Delicious Tip: How to relax in an instant”

  1. Please inform the procedure and steps as to how to get rid of headache and reset the skull.
    Thanks n regards

    • Narayan, good question!

      With this approach there isn’t a procedure. It’s based on the idea that our thoughts lead to change. All you need to do is make a ‘soft’ intention that the bones in your skull relax back into place, and they will.

      I say a ‘soft’ intention, because if you try too hard your trying may get in the way of the relaxation.

      If your headache persists, you could first of all ‘allow’ it to be there (resisting your headache makes it persist). Then intend your bones to relax into place again. For a well-established headache, you may need to repeat a few times.

      I hope this helps, do let me know how it goes…

  2. Another great tip – and thank you so much for your audio One Command. I have been using it for the last year, and it’s so wonderful. Your voice is filled with healing and compassionate energy. Thank you!

  3. Amazing! Stopped a head-ache in its tracks! Thank you!

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