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The benefits of regularly moving our bodies are widely promoted, yet how many of us choose to move beyond the essential movements of everyday living?

If you know you would benefit from choosing to move your body more, read on to get past your excuses.

Can you remember what it was like to feel fit and have abundant energy? To feel really alive? To sleep like a log, and wake up alert and ready for the day? All this and more is much more likely to be yours when you choose to make movement a way of life.

Our bodies are made to move – just watch young children who are rarely still!

Somehow we lost the impetus to move our bodies, and spend long hours sitting, often motionless in front of computers or the TV. Despite knowing the benefits of moving, we actually choose to stagnate!

Choosing to move beyond the excuses

Here’s the key – it’s all about choice – your choice! If someone offered you a million pounds, or dollars, for really moving your body every day for a month, I’m sure you’d choose a way past your excuses!

I don’t have time

Check how many hours a day you spend on the computer or watching TV – how about exchanging some of that to move?

Think of the benefits of movement – feeling more alert and focused likely means you’ll get through other tasks and chores more quickly, thus freeing up time.

If you really feel pushed for time, remember moving your body doesn’t have to be a separate activity like swimming or going to the gym, you can integrate it into your everyday living – try walking to the shops, some DIY, or gardening.

It’s your time, you can choose how you use it!

I’ll get onto it tomorrow

Aah, procrastination is an easy excuse! The trouble is tomorrow never comes.

However  small, choose some movement you’ll do today – how about a short walk after reading this article?

Then visualise yourself fit and energised, and plan your movement for tomorrow.

My body isn’t up to it

It’s easy to avoid moving because of a sore hip, or some other ailment. Whatever situation you find yourself in, you’ll be able to move your body in some way.

Draw inspiration from those who compete in the Paralympics overcoming great physical adversity to be supremely fit. Think of people like Christopher Reeves who did daily exercises in the hope of one day being able to move again. Your body can move, and the more you move it, the better it will get.

I don’t have the energy

For most of us the lack of movement that contributes to feeling lethargic, so it’s a question of getting moving to feel the benefits.

If you have ME it’s a question of doing a little movement, and following your medical practitioner’s advice.

I don’t have the clothes/equipment/money

There are plenty of ways of moving in your everyday clothes, that don’t require equipment or funds, such as walking, jogging, yoga, Tai Chi. Choose to look for ways to move more that suit your situation.

I’m happy as I am

Yes, it’s always easy to stay in your comfort zone! Check out with yourself – are you really living life to the full? If you’ve got this far reading this article, I expect you know deep down you and your body would benefit from more movement.

Another excuse?

I think you get the picture – simply focus on the benefits and choose your way past it!

Still stuck?

If your excuses persist, a Delicious Healing session will help change your whole perspective on moving by dissolving any sub-conscious conditioning.

Take action

Once this article is posted, I’m off to don my wate rproofs and re-start my daily lunchtime walks. I’ve also chosen to practice the Tai Chi I’m learning on Tuesdays 5 times a week. My new choice is to get up and move if I’ve been sitting at the computer for half an hour.

Be it walking, gardening, housework, rebounding, dance, cycling, yoga, Tai Chi, the gym, jogging or any other way of moving – what extra movement will you do today?

If you are currently unfit and plan to take up a new activity, check with your medical practitioner first.

The Delicious Nugget: Your body is made to move and you know the benefits of moving, so it’s up to you to choose to let go of your buts and get moving!



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  4 Responses to “Get Moving!”

  1. Hi May, just a quick add-on to my previous comment. It is now February 16th and my daily yoga has become normal and not a day passes without me spending wonderful time on my mat..so its true 21days of whatever practice you do will set it up to simply be the norm..liking cleaning your teeth!!
    Love and light and thanks for your words and wisdoms,Gill

  2. Hi, just wanted to say that I set myself a 21day challenge, beginning Monday 26th Dec. Every day I did my yoga practice…without fail!! I am a yoga teacher and I do have a regular personal practice but can always find reasons to not get on my mat.It is now 29th Jan and I have easily been able to daily do yoga. I feel and look so much better..it has helped clear away a head cold, trimmed my waist and encouraged me to eat well at a time in the year wheen I tend to overindulge. More importantly doing my yoga helps me to stay grounded and provides me with a safe space to explore how I really feel..warts and all.
    So please consider doing some activity because while you are thinking about not doing it you could have walked round the block. Love and light,Gill

    • Thanks Gill, congratulations on your achievements, and thanks for your inspiration! And a good point, to get on with moving, rather than spend time thinking about it!

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