May 232014

Waterfall in deep forestThis poem was inspired through a blend of experiences.

First, four days spent deepening my experience of the 3 Principles in London and Glasgow.

Then, the Celtic Blessing ‘Deep Peace’ that has hummed away in my head throughout the intervening week. …

Deep Peace Of Wellbeing

Deep peace of thoughts flowing gently through, 
revealing the quiet mind in you.

Deep peace of spirit flowing gently through, 
revealing the sure insight in you.

Deep peace of awareness flowing gently through, 
revealing the gentle feeling in you.

Thought, spirit and awareness flowing gently through, 
nurturing deep peace of wellbeing in you.

I’d love to hear how this resonates with people who are not familiar with the 3 Principles … ?

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  2 Responses to “Deep Peace Of Wellbeing”

  1. That is beautiful and makes me feel lively and peaceful like a spring flowing down over rocks in a stream, in a forest with fresh green leaves. Thank you! I am still trying to find the link to the 3 Principles to find out what they are… hmmmm…. have a good day! Rachel.

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