May 062014

Urban people - woman commuter walking on escalatorYou’ve not been able to look over your shoulder for a while because your neck complains.

Periodically you spend time trying to figure it all out; what you did to initiate the pain, which part of your body is actually causing the pain, and what can you do to fix it?

Very understandable in our left brain culture with its focus on thinking and cause and effect!

However poking around the problem isn’t the place to find a solution, it just takes you further down the rabbit hole of the problem. And the more time you spend exploring the problem, the more ingrained your experience of it becomes. Then frustration sets in, and maybe more…

It’s all to do with your level of consciousness

As is often quoted, Einstein pointed out that:

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

So, to find a way to resolve the pain it really helps to move to a higher level of consciousness. In that place your mind clears and you’re more open to sense your inner wisdom that will point the way forward, often in ways you would never have thought up with your conscious mind.

Think of your consciousness like an elevator; at the lower levels you’re engrossed in thinking about your sore shoulder, and can’t see beyond it. As you go up the elevator your thinking broadens, you start to get a wider view and see the bigger picture.

And as your ‘personal’ thinking about your shoulder recedes, you start to sense your ‘pure’ thinking (your inner wisdom, your intuition – call it what you will).  Pure thinking is always there, but much of the time it gets drowned out by personal thinking.

You’ve probably experienced situations where everything falls into place, where time stands still, where you’re ‘in the zone’. Amid the continual fluctuation of your consciousness level, these were times when it was high, and you were ‘tuned in’ to your wisdom.

Moving up the elevator of consciousness

Fortunately, there are many, many ways to move up the consciousness elevator.

It can be as simple as becoming aware that your consciousness is at a low level and detaching from exploring the problem, so you naturally move up the elevator.

Or, just as children use trainer wheels when learning to ride a bicycle, you may find it helpful to use a technique like meditation or a healing method of your choice to get you started. For example, holding the TAT Pose will raise your consciousness level.

Another way to raise your consciousness level is to entrain to the consciousness level of someone who is at a high level. The Dalai Lama is a potent example of  someone who radiates a high level of consciousness that people in his presence naturally pick up on.

A good healer makes sure their consciousness level is high when they work, giving clients the opportunity to entrain up to their level, thus helping the client connect to their inner wisdom that knows just the right way to heal!



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