Sep 052008

Do you think distance healing is a poor substitute for a face-to-face session? Maybe you think your healer will relate to you better if they actually see you, that it will be easier to establish a relationship with them., and you’ll be closer to the healing source.

In the past I’d have agreed with you! Over the years I’ve gradually shifted to the opposite view; distance healing is just as effective, if not more so, and it has several extra benefits for you.

The 5 extras of distance healing

1. The comfort and privacy of your own home

You stay where you are comfortable, in your favourite chair, or maybe lying on your couch. I’ve even worked with a client who stayed in her bed!

2. Fewer distractions

When you are in the physical presence of someone it’s inevitable that you get distracted by their physical appearance, the room and so on. Distance healing, whether carried out over the phone, or at a predetermined time, removes those distractions.

3. More focus

Perhaps you have noticed that when you’re on the phone with a friend, there’s an added focus which is not present when you meet up. As a healer I find working over the phone gives an extra focus to my healing, so you get a more powerful session.

4. Opportunity to bask

When I go to someone’s place for a healing session, I’m always reluctant to ‘wake up’ afterwards so I’ll be fully alert to drive home. With distance healing you stay at home, so you can continue to bask in the healing energies for as long as you wish.

5. No travel

With distance healing you only need to find a free hour, rather than two hours if there’s a half hour journey each way is. You eliminate the potential hassle of locating your therapist, and the stress of arriving on time. You don’t have to pay any fuel or transport costs. Cutting out the travel also means you’re being kind to our planet.

The Delicious Nugget: Distance healing has distinct advantages including more comfort and less hassle for you, and a more powerful healing session.

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  One Response to “Isn't distance healing second best?”

  1. Hi May– I most definitely have experienced the advanatges of your Distance healing! There’s no way I could get to Scotland for a session and every sesion I’ve had with you has been VERY helpful!
    Thanks for making your healing so available!
    Joanna, Vermont, USA

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