Aug 122010

This Sunday, August 15th is important – it’s Earth Healing Day!

People from all over the world are setting aside one hour (from 12:00 noon to 1:00 PM in your time zone) to join together to create a massive healing wave for the planet. Organisers are calling for 500,000 people to participate.

I’m on board, and I’m inviting everyone who loves this planet to join in.

Joining the wave is easy. Gather with others to meditate – or you can pray  or use your preferred healing method on your own. Here are some suggestions.

Start by taking a few calming breaths to center yourself. Focus on your love and appreciation for Earth.

Recall moments when you have connected deeply with the beauty of nature.  Acknowledge that humanity has not done a good job of taking care of this planet, and ask for forgiveness for all the oil spills, toxic landfills, etc.

Imagine a flow of healing energy enveloping Earth.  If you like, chant Om as you visualize Earth being cleansed of all impurities and restored to her pristine form once again.

Feel gratitude for all that Earth provides.

During your hour of sacred focus, know that the offerings of your heart matter, and that your efforts are making a difference. Sense a connection with all the other people around the world who are participating in Earth Healing Day.

Close the hour by seeing the wave move to the next time zone, where people will embrace and add their contribution to it.

The wave will start at the International Date Line and move hour by hour from one time zone to the next, circling the planet over 24 hours.
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