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Once your health issue is resolved, it’s easy to forget it ever existed, and all the good things you did.

Take a few minutes to review what’s worked for you in the past year. If, like me you tend to forget about health issues that are sorted, try skimming through your diary or journal, or asking friends and family to jog your memory.

To get you started, I’ve filled in some examples from my past year.

Which aspects of your health have you maintained or improved this past year?

  • I’ve released 10 pounds and maintained my ideal weight for about six months.
  • I eventually resolved a frozen shoulder.
  • I’ve eliminated migraines which had built up to at least one a week. This is a massive gain for me, and I almost forgot about it!

What’s improved for you?

What did you do for yourself that helped your health?

  • Eating at least half my food raw helped me shed the extra pounds.
  • Recognising the anger stored up in my frozen shoulder, then using the Sedona Method to release the anger.
  • Using EFT, and reducing stress allowed the migraines to disappear. EFT also helped resolve a myriad of daily niggles.
  • Twenty minutes exercise (psychocalisthenics) each morning, and walks some lunchtimes.

What did you do?

What help did you get from other sources?

  • Having a weekly conversation with my ‘raw food buddy’ helps me keep on track with my preferred way of eating.
  • Having Anne as my Thursday walking partner ensures I walk at least one lunchtime!
  • Occasional Bowen Technique sessions help keep my body balanced.
  • Being part of a weekly meditation group, and going on a Brahma Kumaris retreat nurture my spirit.
  • Using my chi machine kept me fit when my shoulder prevented me doing my exercises.

What help did you get from others?

What will you do to celebrate?

  • I’m going to buy some new clothes!

How about you?

The Delicious Nugget: Reviewing your health over the past year will help you see what you have to celebrate! If you’d like to experience benefits like mine, go to Sessions.

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