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This article answers the 6 questions people often asked at our Bars stand at the Edinburgh Body and Soul Fair. So, if you have questions about The Bars, read on…

What are The Bars?

There are 32 ‘Bars’ of energy that run through and round your head. They relate to a range of aspects of your life, including Healing, Body, Money, Control, Sadness, Joy, Peace & Calm, Ageing etc.

Each Bar stores the electro-magnetic component of all the conditioning you have stored about that particular area of your life (often experienced as stress), that limits your experience of what life can be.

Where do The Bars come from?

Gary Douglas channelled the 32 Bars in the early 90s.

Gary is the founder of Access Consciousness, which aims ‘to create a world of consciousness and oneness’. Access Consciousness offers thousands of tools and techniques to help you access consciousness. These tools and techniques fall into two groups: body processes – including The Bars, and verbal processing.

Having your Bars run is the foundation of Access. It’s also a very effective stand-alone gateway to a more joyful life.

Is it like Reiki?

No! Having your Bars run is quite different to Reiki, acupuncture, reflexology, phrenology, EFT and all other modalities.

What happens in a Bars session?

As each Bar is activated, all the redundant conditioning you are willing to let go, automatically dissipates out of your head. Just like pressing the Delete button on your computer!

You lie fully clothed on a couch for about an hour, while your Bars practitioner gently touches small groups of Bars on your head.

For a distance session, you simply relax while your Bars are run ‘remotely’. Yes, I can tell you from experience, distance sessions are very potent! Listen to Liam Phillips interview me about distance healing here.

What will having my Bars run do for me?

As you easily and effortlessly undo years of conditioning you create more space in your head, and more opportunity to be the joyful you! As a minimum you will feel very calm and relaxed. Beyond that it’s your choice how you use your new space!

Will I need my Bars run more than once?

Ideally every two or three weeks. To return to the computer analogy, it’s good to frequently ‘clear the history’ of the points of view you’ve accumulated! That’s why it’s good to do the Bars Training, so you can set up Bars exchanges with colleagues, family and friends.

More questions?

I’d love to answer them, please ask them on my Blog, or contact me.

The Delicious Nugget: Having your Bars run allows you to easily and effortlessly release old conditioning, opening up the space in your head for more joyful living!

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  8 Responses to “Your Bars Questions Answered”

  1. Hello sir ,what is d difference between reiki and access bars

    • Quite a difference!

      With Reiki the therapist receives energy, transforms it in their heart to an appropriate frequency, and offers it to the client through their hands.

      The Bars is simply a switch on system – when the Bars points are activated by touch they turn on enabling the client to let go of old conditioning that no longer serves them.

      So, Reiki and Bars are very different doorways to healing! Neither is ‘better’ it’s more a question of different methods suiting different people. Which calls more strongly to you?

  2. I recently became aware of this type of healing and i am very interested in learining to do run my own bars. I am wondering if it would be as successful as when someone else does it for you?


    • Sure, you can run your own Bars and it can be very effective. However, it’s tricky finding the points on your own head, and far more relaxing to have someone do it for you!

      Here are a couple of other possibiities: when you run someone else’s Bars, everything you have in common with them will run for you too.

      If you’re still keen to run them yourself, I’d recommend running your own as if you were running ‘distance bars’ for someone else, and send that to yourself.

      Hope this opens up the possibilities for you.

  3. Hi,
    I have done 1 class of bars training. But since there is nobody near me who can run bars for me, i would like to do it myself. But I am unable to get ll my points on myself. So can you let me know how to run bars on myself?


    • SM, I know what you mean, it’s tricky finding the points on your own head!

      You may have found in your Bars training that you could sense when you found the position of points on other people – maybe tingling, or heat, a ‘locked in’ sensation, or some other sensation?. If you noticed this sensation, you could apply it to yourself – slowly moving your fingers around where you think the point is until you feel the sensation.

      Alternatively, I have a polystyrene head – ‘Fred The Head’, that I’ve drawn the points on. I then intend that Fred is my head, and run my Bars by working through the points on Fred in the same way as I would on another person.

      In the longer term, as it’s so much more relaxing to have someone run your Bars, can you persuade a friend to do the Bars training too?

      And meanwhile, if you’d like someone to run your Bars, there’s my Bars While You Sleep option, details on my a href=”https://delicioushealing.com/methods/bars/” title=”Bars Page” .

  4. How much is the avg cost per session?
    Are there Negative side Effects?

    • Lori, at the time I write this, the cost for a single Bars session is £50 – for a one hour in person or distance session. Or you can have 3 Bars While You Sleep sessions for £60, when I set your Bars to run while you sleep on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of one week. There are more details on my Bars Page, and here’s where to book Book Sessions.

      No, people don’t experience negative side effects. That said, some people say they feel a bit ‘spacey’ afterwards, and this turns out to be because having a clear head is something they haven’t exprerienced for a long time 🙂

      Hope this helps.

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