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“Of course I want good health”, I hear you saying, “What can possibly be wrong with that?”

If you’ve watched the film ‘The Secret’, you’ll be familiar with the Law of Attraction which says that the thoughts we put out attract a matching reality to manifest. So, if you keep thinking “I want to feel better”, you’ll attract a matching reality of continually wanting to feel better.

Wouldn’t it be better to actually feel better, rather than want to feel better? To have good health, rather than want good health? To feel energised, rather than want to feel energised?

It’s a bit like window shopping where you can gaze longingly at the pair of jeans you’d like, but no amount of gazing will get you the jeans. In order to acquire the jeans you need to go inside the shop, try them on and make a decision whether or not to buy. As you take action, you move from wanting to having the jeans.

If you want to move from wanting good health to having good health, you need to go inside, explore the good health you want, and make a decision to attract it to you.

Find out how to move from wanting to having good health in the keys below.

Keys to removing the hazard of wanting

1.  Let go of wanting good health

There are several ways in which you can let go of wanting. I like to use the Sedona Method of releasing, because it’s fast and easy. Here’s how to do it:

Think about the good health you want, and just for now welcome that feeling of wanting. Really embrace the feeling, and notice where you feel it in your body.

Then, simply ask yourself the following series of questions:

1. Could I let go of this feeling of wanting?

2. Would I let it go?

3. When?

‘Yes’ and ‘No’ are both fine answers to questions 1. and 2.

Repeat the three questions until the feeling of wanting has gone.

2.  Visualise the health you will achieve

Now you’re ready to activate the reality of good health for yourself. In your mind create a movie of yourself in your healthy state. Use all your senses to the full: see yourself in action, think the thoughts, feel the feelings, make the movements, and sense the taste and smell.

Play your movie for a couple of minutes several times a day, embellishing it each time to take it closer to your  new reality. Each time you play it you emit the vibration of your new health state, triggering the universe to respond with a matching reality.

3.  Allow

Avoid any consideration of how your good health will be achieved, or you will get sucked into doubt and revert to wanting again. Simply allow the universe to respond with its infinite resources.

4. Notice and be grateful

Be curious to see signs of your improved health, or changes in circumstances which will lead to better health. Being grateful for these changes encourages the process of achieving good health.

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