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Denying, resisting or pushing away your health issue are all attitudes that help to perpetuate it. While it may sound counter-intuitive, welcoming your health issue is an excellent first step towards allowing it to resolve.

Welcoming your health issue has two broad benefits: firstly it releases the trap of being tied into your issue, and secondly it enables you to open up to new health possibilities.

Welcoming to release the trap:

… brings you into the present

When you welcome your health issue, you move from analysing the past and projecting into the future, to the reality of here and now.

… moves you towards acceptance

In the here and now of your condition, free from the distractions of going over the past or anticipating the future, you are more able to accept it.

… releases the energy of resistance

When you accept your health as it is, you release all the energy you’ve been using to deny it, resist it, or push it away. And you stop the cycle of resistance leading to persistence of your issue. You loosen up your unconscious attachment to it.

Welcoming to create new possibilities:

The more you welcome your health issue the more you free up the energy you’ve been using to lock your health condition into place. This energy is then available for you to use in more creative ways.

… creates space

As you release the trap of resisting your health issue, you open up the energetic space around it. This in itself often gives some relief from pain.

… opens up new possibilities

As you open up the space, you become more relaxed, and move into a state where you can see new possibilities.

… helps you take a new point of view

From that space you move to a new point of view, which in turn leads to a new state of health.

In their differing ways, all the healing modalities I use help you welcome your health issue, so you can move forward with a different point of view.

For example, with the Sedona Method the first step is always to welcome the thought, feeling, emotion and sensations you are experiencing. I’ve found the more I use Sedona releasing, the more issues resolve at the first welcoming step of asking myself ‘Could I welcome this?’, so I don’t always need to do the other two steps.

Using TAT, the first step involves witnessing what happens when you hold the TAT Pose and witness what happens as you consider the statement ‘Everything that contributed to this happened’. For me I often feel profound relief from acknowledging the issue in this first step, before moving through the rest.

Among its many tools, Access offers the question “What energy, space and consciousness could I be that would allow me to accept <this issue>?” This acceptance of the issue as it is removes my blinkers of resistance, and opens me up to new possibilities.

The Delicious  Nugget: Resisting your health issue perpetuates it, whereas welcoming it releases the trap of resistance and attachment, and allows you to open up to new possibilities.

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  2 Responses to “Why It’s Good To Welcome Your Health Issue”

  1. Thanks May — I am thinking back to the great work you did with/on me regarding my health issues in 2006.
    I’m thinking that I would like to apply these techniques to my struggles with technology.. is that something you would be willing to try? Seems to me that it could help! I’m interested in hearing what you think, Joanna

    • Thank you Joanna! Sure, welcoming your struggles with technology would be an excellent first step towards resolving them, rather than allow them to persist and perhaps eventually impact on your health. So, yes I’m very willing to help. We did some Sedona releasing together, so that would be a good starting point. May

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