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You experienced a noticeable improvement by the end of your healing session, with your discomfort reduced. Then a week later, you felt you were more or less back to where you started. What happened? What can you do to make your healing last?

Recognise you’re in charge!

The only person that can heal you is you! So, while your ‘healer’ helps you activate your own healing, ultimately you’re the one in charge, and it’s up to you to do all you can to maximise the potential of your healing session.

Acknowledge you’ll need more than one session

Occasionally miracles happen in one session, however it’s more usual to need a few sessions for your healing. I advocate 3 sessions – scheduled about a week apart to keep the momentum going.

When you experience a new healing modality, at least part of the session is likely to be used up by your energy system acclimatising to the healing method and to the practitioner. I’ve had several Bars clients experience a dramatic improvement during their second session.

Avoid mixing too many modalities

At the other extreme, a client came to me for a Quantum Healing session during which it transpired she was also having sessions in Alexander Technique and Reflexology that same week. That was probably like having three people all pulling away at bits of a knotted piece of string!

Do your ‘healingwork’

You’ve probably been asked to adopt some daily habits to help optimise your healing. A common one is to drink plenty of water to flush out toxins released by your healing, rather than allow them to re-lodge themselves elsewhere in your body.

Some modalities include specific follow-on activities. With The One Command it’s essential to make new Commands for any doubts that arise in your awareness around your original Command. With Kinetic Chain Release, there are 3 physical stretches to be done daily to maintain the rebalance of your skeleton.

The most effective way to introduce a new habit is to add it on to an existing habit

Keep your vibration high

Whatever type of healing your practitioner facilitated for you, the essence was to help you raise your vibration to allow your natural healing to take place.

So it makes sense to do whatever you can to keep your vibration, which is always reflected in your mood, high. This could be a daily spiritual practice, listening to music, being out in nature, or simply choosing a thought that feels better.

You can also avoid people and situations that bring your vibration, and you mood, down – for me that includes people who do a lot of complaining, and noisy shopping centres!

The Delicious Nugget: for continued healing you need to commit to more than one session, do any ‘healingwork’ you’re given, and do whatever you can to keep your vibration and your mood high.

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