Mar 012012

More and more of my clients benefit from a tailored blend of healing nuggets, distilled from a range of healing modalities.

This is usually 2 or 3 of my 11 healing nuggets – blended to meet your particular needs.

Of course naming these nuggets, and the way I blend them, is my interpretation, and does not necessarily reflect the founder’s views of the healing methods mentioned below. And you may well have encountered some of them in other modalities!

11 healing nuggets

1. First address any beliefs that hinder your healing from getting started, such as an unconscious belief “I don’t deserve to heal”.  (EFT, TAT)

2. Asking questions is very empowering – it removes the blinkers of your habitual thinking. (Access Consciousness is based on questions)

3. Similarly, incorporating the phrase ‘I don’t know how’ into your requests, and going into the theta state, opens you up to possibilities you could never think up in your mind. (The One Command)

4. There’s healing energy in the air around you, that you can easily ‘capture’ and use to heal yourself. (Quantum Touch)

5. By going into a very still space inside, you can heal things (Core Transformation form of Quantum Touch)

6. There’s a simple protocol that realigns your skeleton from the feet up. (KCR – the one thing I offer that needs to be done in person)

7. A key skill for self-healing is to distinguish what your inner guidance suggests you do, from your ego wanting to direct your healing from your mind. (Awakening)

8. Simply asking yourself ‘Could I let go?’ releases discomfort, and this is a powerful tool you can use in your everyday life to prevent stuffed emotions building up. (Sedona Method)

9. There’s no need to ‘do’ anything to heal – simply get out of your own way! (Reconnective Healing)

10. The TAT Pose takes you quickly to your ‘healing space’. (TAT)

11. At the end of a healing session it’s good to ensure that whatever you’ve healed doesn’t return. (Bars – the Restructuring Bar, or the last step of TAT – integrate your healing)

Like to experience a Delicious Blend session?

The Delicious Nugget: A Delicious Healing blend is tailored to your needs, and typically uses 2 or 3 of my Delicious healing ingredients.





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