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Are you one of those people who have tried a range of healing methods to no avail? You’re perplexed to know why none of them has alleviated your health issue, maybe you’re almost resigned to live with it, yet you still have a glimmer of hope that help is there somewhere, if you could only find the right method that works for you.

It’s true that some healing methods seem to work better for some people than others – this could be because you have a strong belief that a particular method will work, or because you have a strong faith in a particular healing practitioner.

However, most energy healing methods have the potential to alleviate many conditions. So why are you stuck with little success so far?

Here are six common areas that stick people’s healing.

1. Too much focus on your problem

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If you spend your time going over and over your problem in your head, and often talk about it to friends, then according to the Law of Attraction, you will continue to attract more of the problem to yourself. Better to turn your focus to the solution you would like, and imagine how your life will then change for the better.

2. Holding unconscious, sabotaging beliefs
You may have old, sub-conscious beliefs running in the background of your mind, that won’t allow the healing in. For example if you have a belief that you don’t deserve to heal, or it’s not possible to heal, it will probably sabotage your healing efforts. This belief may have served to protect you in some long-gone childhood situation, now it’s out of date and needs to be released. There are easy ways to let go of such beliefs, such releasing is even built into to some healing methods like TAT.

3. Trying to figure it all out
Some people are so busy trying to figure out all the ins and outs of their condition – what triggered it, what the symptoms are, and how to fix it, that they’re not able to surrender to the wisdom of healing, which has an intelligence way beyond that of our minds. Relaxing, letting go of trying to figure it out, and surrendering to the healing opens up new possibilities and increases healing potential.

4. Not taking action
If there’s some very obvious change you need to make in your lifestyle – like getting more exercise – and you’re not doing it, then you may be asking too much of your healing! While energy healing can have magical results, it usually requires your co-operation too. Dowsing, truth testing and muscle testing are empowering ways for you to find out what your body needs at any moment in time.

5. Confusing a ‘cure’ with ‘healing’.
Sometimes it’s not so much that there’s been no healing, more that the person is so focused on wanting their symptoms to abate that they’ve not noticed improvements in other areas of their body or life. Your healing intelligence may know that other things need to change before your symptoms can. Trust is what’s needed here.

6. Not recognising when you need help
While I’m a passionate advocate of self-healing, there’s no doubt it’s easier to relax into a healing session being led by someone else. And a skilled practitioner will take themselves to a deep healing vibration with which you can resonate. A session or two with a practitioner may well trigger your healing, which you can then progress yourself.

The Delicious Nugget: If healing doesn’t seem to be working for you check to see if: you’re too focused on the problem, you have unconscious contradictory beliefs, you’re trying to figure it all out, you’re not taking action, you’re confusing a cure with healing or you’re asking for help. There are ways to jump these hurdles with ease.

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