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Before Western medicine took over, healing skills were passed down through the generations. Be it herbs, laying of hands, or use of crystals, there was always someone in the community who knew how to help the healing process.

The Aborigines, American Indians and many other so-called ‘less developed’ cultures continue to incorporate healing into their everyday lives.

Following the passing of my Mother, who recently died aged 92, drug-free and sleeping peacefully in her own bed, I have reflected on her healing skills, and what I have learned from this aspect of her life.

My inherited keys to healing and health

My Mother was a passionate believer and practitioner of self-healing. Here are they keys I have inherited from her.

1.  Mindpower

We have an enormous capacity to influence our health with our minds.

My Mother survived a burst, malignant ovarian cyst with no further treatment once it had been removed (she did not want to experience chemotherapy). Whilst extremely ill I remember her telling me that, though she wanted to die, she had to pull through to look after the family. When the going gets rough I change my mindset to create a different reality.

2.  Healthy diet

A wholefood diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables helps to keep the body healthy.

In the 1940s being vegetarian and eating wholefoods was considered somewhat cranky!  I was embarrased by our family’s eating habits as a teenager, but time was to show my parents were somewhat ahead of their time, and I have brought up my two healthy children on the same diet.

3.  Naturopathic practices

Cold compresses bring down a fever, cold water speeds up healing, honey removes infection from tissues.

These are some of the practices I was brought up with; as a result I never visited a doctor until well after leaving home, and I continue to use these methods. I haven’t gone as far as my Mother’s daily cold bath. However I’m starting to appreciate the value of this regular ‘petit mort’ which has a cleansing and revitalising effect, and might yet take the plunge!

4. Yoga

Yoga asanas and breathing keep the body supple, and the mind relaxed.

Mother trained to be an Iyengar Yoga teacher in her 50s, and taught classes until she was 90. I followed in her footsteps practising and teaching yoga, then diverted to Pilates, but as ageing starts to take effect I feel drawn back to yoga.

5. Spiritual healing

It’s possible for one person to activate healing energy and offer it to another person.

I grew up reading the Harry Edwards’ Spiritual Healing magazines; absorbing stories of recoveries in ‘hopeless’ cases, marvelling at his ability to offer this healing from a distance, and wishing I had the ‘gift’. It wasn’t until many years later I learned that we all have the potential to help others heal; we just need to access what’s already inside.

Who do you know with keys to healing and health?

What can you learn from them?

What will you pass on to the next generation?

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