Sep 222011

What if  98% of the discomfort you experience doesn’t even belong to you?

What would your health look like if you took that on board?

We are all far more ‘psychic’ that we realise, continually picking up on each other’s thoughts, feelings and pain.

Ever noticed how going into a room of joyful people gives you a lift, whereas going into a roomful of arguing people takes you down? That’s you picking up other peoples’ vibrations.

Ever been thinking about someone, and soon after they call you? That’s the pair of you connecting energetically.

It’s as if each of us has an antenna, which is continually picking up all the vibrations – including thoughts, feelings and physical sensations – that other people are emitting. Unfortunately the antenna didn’t come with a firewall to block what we don’t want to receive!

You don’t need to know whose it is

I easily recognised the recurring thought “I have to do things perfectly” as coming from my parents. However, you don’t need to know who the vibration has come from, so the pain in your knee, or your fear of moving house, may come from sources you’re not aware of, and that’s fine.

How to let go of vibrations that aren’t yours

Ask who it belongs to

Take your attention to your discomfort, ad notice how heavy, or contracted, your energy feels. Then, silently, ask yourself:

‘Truth, who does this belong to?’

Now check whether your energy stays heavy, or gets lighter. If it gets lighter, the discomfort is someone else’s, so you can return it to the sender. Over 90% of the time your discomfort belongs to somebody else.

Occasionally the energy stays heavy, in which case it either belongs to the earth or to you.

Ask ‘Truth, does this belong to the earth?’ and check whether your energy stays heavy, or gets lighter. If it gets lighter, the discomfort belongs to the earth.

Return with consciousness

Sometimes people feel reluctant to return discomfort to the sender, feeling it may harm them. On the contrary, when we return energy to the sender with consciousness, we help the person to resolve it at their end.

a) Return to sender

With the discomfort in mind, say in your head ‘Return to sender, with consciousness’, and repeat up to three times, or until the energy feels light.

b) Return to the earth

With the discomfort in mind, say ‘Return to the earth on three: 1, 2, 3’ and either blow the energy away, or flick it away with your fingers. You may need to do this up to three times, or until the energy feels light.

If it’s yours

If the discomfort doesn’t belong to someone else, or to the earth, you’ve bought into it, and will need to use a healing method to dissolve it.

Asking ‘Who does this belong to?’  and ‘Returning to sender’ whenever you remember for all thoughts, feelings and sensations for 3 days, will release so much baggage you’ll be a new person, with renewed health!

The Delicious Nugget We’re all more psychic than we think, continually picking up other peoples’ vibrations. Asking ‘Who does this belong to?’, and then returning to sender easily releases your discomfort.

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