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You’re caring full time for your elderly mother who is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. She says you’re the only person who knows how to look after her properly, and now you’re feeling trapped and exhausted. You crave for a whole day to yourself.

One way or another it feels as if you’ve reached a dead end, with no way out. Your health is suffering, and you resent the situation you’re in.  Family and friends have suggested various solutions, but none of them seem feasible to you.

There is a way out of this apparent dead end! 

It comes from understanding and using The Law of Attraction. This law states ‘That which is like unto itself is drawn’. So, if you spend your time thinking “What a bad situation I’m in, there’s no way out”, the Universe has to respond by manifesting a reality of a bad situation with no way out, this prompts you to have further negative thoughts and the vicious circle continues.

If on the other hand you change your thoughts and feelings to the situation you would like to experience, the universe has to respond accordingly. So thinking and feeling “I’m really enjoying this day to myself” sends out a very different vibration, to which the universe must respond.

Perhaps you see a notice in the paper about volunteer carers who will look after your mother an afternoon a week, you realise you can say ‘No’ to some of your mother’s demands after all, and you find yourself in town enjoying an art exhibition!

The turn around

1. Identify the reality you would like to experience

Do this in a positive way, using the present tense:

“I’m really enjoying being able to do exactly what I want during this day to myself.”

2. Immerse yourself fully in this reality

Do this in as many ways as possible, particularly through your feelings.

  • Visualise yourself: enjoying your day on your own / or whatever reality you choose
  • Think the thoughts that go with your reality.
  • Feel the feelings that go with your reality – a quick way to do this is to feel the relief of it happening.
  • Do anything else you can think of to make your reality feel real.Some people find it strengthens the process if they write it all down

Immerse yourself for at least seventeen seconds whenever you think of it during the day. Surprisingly, seventeen seconds is long enough to initiate change.

3. Let go of any doubts that occur

If you catch yourself doubting your new reality immerse yourself in the positive feelings again. Let the doubt go, or the universe will surely send you back more doubt! Changing your thought pattern takes a little practice; the key is to keep jumping to the positive.

4. Allow the reality to manifest

You don’t need to how this is going to happen – that’s the job of the Universe with infinite resources at its disposal!Follow any hunches you experience – they may be the universe at work manifesting your new reality.

5. Feel gratitude

As your situation changes for the better feel gratitude.

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