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barometer While many people want to move down their ‘weight scales’, there’s one scale your body really wants to move up.

When you’re low on this scale your body cells are depleted and struggle to operate, so dis-ease can easily set in.When you’re high on this scale your cells are enriched, they operate at peak condition, and you health is good.

This scale is the pH scale, which, as you may remember from school chemistry, measures the acidity or alkalinity of your body.

An acid cell has an excess of positively charged ions and a low oxygen content. In this acid environment the flow of energy (or ‘life force’, ‘chi’, or ‘prana’) is inhibited, so some of the body’s myriad of physiological processes become compromised. When this acid environment is prolonged, lethargy and dis-ease may set in.

On the other hand, an alkaline cell has an excess of negatively charged ions and is rich in oxygen.
Energy flows easily and physiological processes are well-supported. A continually alkaline body is predisposed to feel energised and maintain good health.

In their book ‘The pH Miracle’, Dr Robert O Young and Shelley Young report how moving to an alkaline body has resolved many chronic health conditions.

In her book ‘Raw for Life’ Victoria Boutenko points out that as far back as 1931 Nobel Prize winner Otto found that cancer cells thrive in oxygen-depleted, acidic bodies.

She also explains that when a body is over acidic, it creates fat cells to store the excess acidity, thus providing one explanation for the struggle some people have with their weight.

You may have experienced the invigorating effects of being in an environment of negatively charged ions at the seaside, or through using an ioniser.

My own experience is that when my body is more alkaline I have more energy, and feel lighter and brighter.

Assuming I’ve convinced you that it’s a good idea to have an alkaline body, I hear two questions emerging. These are the topics of my next two articles. Meanwhile, here are some quick responses to get you started.

How can I find out the pH of my body?
To measure your pH accurately you need some pH stix. You may remember using litmus paper in school chemistry – red for acid, blue for alkaline. pH stix are designed specifically to measure the pH of urine or saliva. They are easy to use, and available from these links: Amazon.com (USA), or Amazon.co.uk (UK). My tip: it’s enough to measure your pH first thing, rather than several times each day as they suggest.

How do I make my body more alkaline?
Green leafy vegetables are highly alkaline-forming. Before you moan, there’s a delicious way to consume them along with fruit as ‘green smoothies’. My article ‘The Green Smoothie Challenge’ explains how to make delicious green smoothies.

The Delicious Nugget: A body whose cells have a predominant positive charge is acidic and oxygen depleted, and if prolonged this may lead to poor health. Shifting to an alkaline body, allows your energy to flow freely, and support the myriad of physiological processes which promote good health.

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  2 Responses to “The one scale you want to move up”

  1. Maire, excellent, I hope it’s a fine weekend so you can be outside a lot to benefit from the ozone! I look forward to hearing how you get on.

  2. Good ideas, I have had a digestive disturbance for a while now which is due to overly acidic body. I will try the leafy veg and the seaside this week and let you know if I feel better.

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