Jul 262007

Our bodies have invisible switches that turn on our healing processes.

When my cat scratches my hand, my body automatically initiates a range of mechanisms to heal: the blood coagulates, a scab forms, and in a few days the scab falls away to reveal new skin which has been generated by a myriad of processes. Apart from passing glances to check progress, I don’t even think about this healing process, let alone direct it.

Similarly with a minor emotional wound: when I feel angry because someone cut in front of me in the traffic, that feeling soon dissipates and my emotions return to balance (unless of course I choose to hold onto the anger, in which case it may cause a permanent imbalance).

What about the bigger stuff? The persistent pain in your back that, the continued discomfort with your body weight or the low mood that won’t go away? Why don’t these imbalances resolve themselves?

We’d need a large section of the British Library to fully answer that question!

From an energetic perspective, when a health imbalance has become chronic, you probably need some outside energy to trigger your self-healing mechanisms. As Albert Einstein said:

“You can’t solve a problem on the same level that it was created. You have to rise above it to the next level.”

One way to switch on your healing is to raise your energetic vibration. Sometimes you can do this yourself, however when you have a chronic imbalance you probably need to tap into an external energy source.

Ideas to switch on your healing

There are many, many ways to do this; the trick is to find a way you enjoy, that works for you. Here are some suggestions to spark your ideas.

1.  Music

Whether you like classical, jazz, blues or new age, you’ve probably experienced music which lifts your spirits and your energy. Find a way to listen to this music frequently; maybe load it up onto your iPod so you can play it while driving or walking. Alternatively if you’re wound up, you may need relaxing music, to slow things down and make space for your healing.

2.  Laughter

A good belly laugh is a very effective way to release tension and release endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller which is effective for some time afterwards. Even thinking about having a mirthful laugh can get the endorphins moving. Who or what makes you laugh? A TV programme, particular friends, an author, children? Put yourself in situations where there’s plenty of laughter going on.

3.  Healing

While healing takes many forms, ultimately they are all different ways of raising your energy so you unconsciously switch on your own healing processes. Find a therapy you’re attracted to and enjoy. I practice Quantum Touch whereby I create a high level of energy, and offer it to your body’s intelligence to use as only it knows how.

Of course there are many other ways to raise your vibration: art, being outdoors, exercise, your hobby…

How will you access some external energy to raise your vibration, so you can heal and stay healthy?

The Delicious Nugget: find an enjoyable way to raise your energetic vibration and switch on your healing.

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