Jan 242014

girl offering somethingEvery now and again someone asks me if I can facilitate some healing for their relative or friend.

They ask because they’re concerned about the other person, sometimes even desperate, to help them. I know the feeling!

The thing is there’s usually something you need to do first. 

When you’re concerned about someone there’s usually some fear, worry or anxiety attached to your concern. And as you feel fearful, worried or anxious, you radiate that feeling out into the invisible web of energy that entangles us all at a sub-conscious level. Do you really want to feed fear, worry or anxiety to your friend?

So the first, and most important, step is to clear up your uncomfortable feelings about the person and their situation. This is akin to a parent putting on their oxygen mask first so they are better able to help their child.

Clearing your discomfort will give you a different perspective on the situation, for example a client decided to allow a child to work through their own experience, while another moved to a neutral feeling that affirmed they would like to request healing for their friend.

Use your favourite method to clear your uncomfortable feelings, or one of my free self-help Quick Starts. Or, if you’d like help with this, do book a Delicious Healing session with me.

Once you’ve cleared your own energy field here are some other aspects to consider.

Feed nurturing energy to the person

Now you’ve let go of your discomfort, you have the opportunity to radiate out nurturing energy to the person. Love and appreciation are very powerful!

See their innate health

You can also nurture the person by seeing the spark within them – the innate health we all have beneath our discomfort. Focus on fanning their spark within rather than feeding their issue.

Consider consulting them about requesting healing. There are different viewpoints about asking someone’s permission before requesting healing on their behalf. 

  • One view is that you don’t need to ask permission to pray for someone, and since healing is a similar process, no permission is needed. Since healing energy always works for the highest good of the person involved, their energy system will simply deflect anything that isn’t good for them. 
  • Another viewpoint is to get someone’s agreement before asking for healing on their behalf. It is courteous to consult someone about acting on their behalf. However, in some cases, eg where a person is unconscious, or speaks a different language with no means of interpretation, this may not be possible. 
  • Where young children are involved, parents or carers often need to make decisions on their behalf, though it’s good to involve the child as much as possible. 

It all boils down to clearing your own feelings, and then acting with integrity in the particular situation to do what feels light and expansive for the person you would like to help.

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  4 Responses to “Before Requesting Healing For A Relative Or Friend”

  1. So True, So True. We forget the energy of “worrying” about someone lessens them. So thanks for the reminder to visualize the God Light within the person, that spark of their own God/Goddess I Am energy. Sending unconditional love to this place honors every condition and includes if that soul chooses to heal themselves, or if there may be another reason for the illness/discomfort that the soul is learning from by living through it. Thank you with loving blessings, Paula

    • And thank you, Paula, for extending the wisdom; Sending unconditional love to this place honors every condition … 🙂

  2. A wonderful enlightening Article — I have full resonance with it !

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