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Trying to Remember Something - Covered in RemindTake a moment to check your body posture as you read this. Crossed legs? Slumped or twisted spine?

Or perhaps your work, or play, involves some awkward postures, like chiropody or playing golf or the violin.

We all spend time with our bodies out of their natural alignment. And that mis-alignment has gradually been accumulating, so your body may even have forgotten her natural alignment.

Eventually prolonged physical mis-alignment results in physical discomfort, such as back, hip or shoulder pain. What’s more, a mis-aligned skeleton also disturbs the alignment of organs leading to potential internal discomforts.

What to do?

It’s a question of reminding your body of her natural alignment.

I like to think of reminding my body as being rather like ‘resetting’ my computer or phone – when things go awry pressing ‘reset’ takes it back to its optimal working condition.

A reset reminder – for your natural alignment

So, how to remind your body of her alignment?

The most effective method I’ve come across for a fast and effective reminder to my body is Kinetic Chain Release. Your receive a series of gentle mobilisations and stretches from ankle to crown that realign your whole skeleton. Most people instantly feel lighter, looser and taller! And all sorts of other problems, such as migraines, teeth clenching irritable bowel syndrome and insomnia, often disappear too.

Your maintenance reminder

After your KCR session you are advised to do 3 stretches a day to remind your body of her realignment. One to maintain the alignment of your ankles, legs and hips; one for your torso and shoulders, and one for your neck and jaw.

Your extra reminder (regardless of KCR)

Every morning you have an opportunity to remind your body of her alignment – when you get out of bed put both feet on the floor at the same time before standing up. That way you remind your body of her alignment before moving into the day’s activities. This is helpful even if you’ve not received KCR!

Accessing KCR

You can check for a local practitioner here.

If there’s no practitioner near you, or you prefer to stay at home, I also offer a distance version – yes, KCR is also effective across the world!

As soon as we agreed to connect to do KCR I instantly felt something energetically going on.  For my 3 KCR While You Sleep sessions, around 9.30pm to 10.30pm I could feel a change in my energy and knew it was KCR working.

Linda Handley, England

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