Mar 102010

Do you ever feel like the clogged-up hard drive of your computer? Unable to mulit-task, losing power, steadily grinding towards a halt? Your oomph has gone.

Maybe you’re fine in the morning, but by evening you’re ready to crash out in front of the TV. Perhaps you manage it through the week, but the weekend is a write off. Or you’ve chronically lost your oomph.

How would it be if you could reclaim your oomph
by simply allowing all those redundant thoughts, beliefs, judgements and points of view, plus the stuck feelings and attitudes they hold in place, to run out of your brain and body into the ‘waste basket’, just as you clean up your hard drive. Simply press the ‘Delete’ button and away those files go!

Then you’ll feel spacious and energised, with your oomph back!

It’s as easy as that! No going into past memories or reliving incidents, simply allowing what you no longer need to drain away. Which is probably why ‘Amazing’ is the most frequent response I get after I’ve run someone’s Bars.

There are 32 points on your head which relate to different areas of your life
, such as healing, peace & calm, creativity, control and ageing. When these points are lightly touched, the Bars turn on, and your redundant ‘files’ dissipate, freeing up all the energy you’ve been using to hold those thoughts, beliefs, judgements and points of view locked in place.

You simply lie on your back and relax while your Bars are run. You may notice some sensations, or simply feel yourself relaxing as the session progresses. At worst you’ll feel as if you’ve had a massage, at best your life will change! You’ll definitely have more oomph!

The Bars run equally well ‘at a distance’.
My Bars buddy, in France, was very surprised that she could feel me run her Bars from Scotland, just as she does in an in-person session.

The Bars form the foundation of Access Consciousness, a set of tools and techniques you can use to change anything in your life!

The Delicious Nugget: You can easily reclaim your oomph by getting your Bars run.

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  10 Responses to “Reclaim your oomph with The Bars!”

  1. Having difficulty running restructuring on myself – hard to reach all the points. Suggestions?

    • Darcy, you could show a friend or family member the points for Restructuring, and then get them to run them on you! HOpe that works for you.

  2. Yes, Joyce you can run your own Bars, however it’s more potent to receive them from someone else.

    A lot of people are getting into Access with no one else in their area, so I’d suggest a remote Bars session.

  3. can we run the bars on our own if there are no practitioners in our area

  4. Rihana, there are two ways to learn Access Bars:

    a) go on a one day Bars Course

    b) purchase the Bars DVD – I’d go for the package with the laminated chart.

    I started with the DVD, and later went on the Course. At the Course you are introduced to Access, do some clearings on anything in the way of learning the Bars, watch the DVD, gift and recieve Bars twice, can ask questions of the Facilitator, learn from the others present, and connect with others to do Bars swaps in the future.

    Which feels light to you?

    Joyfully, May

  5. is there a book on bars availble that we can learn from

  6. Hi Brenda,

    You can listen here to Reclaim Your Oomph With The Healing Bar It will help clear your head!

    Joyfully, May

  7. Would it be possible to purchase the recording of the bars that Maryna mentioned. My head feels so full of rubbish it doesn’t feel as if there is much room for anything new and I’m mentally exhausted. Kind regards Brenda

  8. Hi Maryna,

    Cool that you found the Healing Bar relaxing! How does it get any better than that? I’ll send you the recording by email.

    You can buy the chart from the Access Consciousness Shop.

    Do let me know how it goes with your communities…

    Joyfully, May

  9. Dearest May, Thank you ever so much for touching my life here in Africa. I listened to your recording of the Bars -with a lot of halts and buffering going on- and I immediately felt all tension and unease flow out of me. I do a lot of work -pro bono- in the rural communities and I can just envision the amount of hope and relief that I can pass on to them. Is there any way that I could download this powerful recording so that it could be played to them per mp3 or CD? Do you have an actual chart of the points? THANKS,THANKS THANKS! Maryna

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