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SunflowerWould you like a simple way to feel calm, and ease an issue that’s bothering you!

The TATPose – the essence of TAT® – will take you there.

It just helped me clear my sore head!


Tapas Fleming, founder of Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT®), discovered that holding the TAT Pose whilst paying attention to a problem eased many health issues.

In its original form in the early 1990s, TAT simply comprised the TAT Pose. Since then Tapas has added a number of Steps, however the essence of TAT in its original form has great value.

If you’re new to TAT, this a way to get an immediate experience of its calming effect.

If you already use TAT, this is the quickest and simplest way to do TAT. It’s a great approach when you otherwise might not have the time or inclination to work through all the TAT Steps.

The TAT pose

First you need to familiarise yourself with the TAT Pose – once you’ve got the Pose, the rest is extremely easy!

The TAT Pose involves using your thumb and two fingers of one hand to lightly touch acupressure points on your nose and forehead, while cradling the back of your head with the other hand.

Joey Raine elegantly demonstrates the TAT Pose in his 2.5 minute video.

And here’s a written reminder:

With one hand:

  • Place the tip of your thumb on one side of the bridge of your nose, so it just touches the edge of your tear duct.
  • Place the tip of your fourth (ring) finger on the other side of the bridge of your nose.
  • Keeping thumb and ring finger in place, rotate your hand slightly so you can place your middle finger on your ‘third eye’ – between and slightly above your eyebrows.

Take your other hand to cradle the back of your head

  • so your thumb lies across your head – parallel to your hairline.
How to do a Quick TAT

You’ll need a way to know when about one minute has passed. I click on the time on my computer and a stopwatch comes up, or use my watch, or when neither is available just guess!

1.      Pick an issue you would like to address

Something minor would be good for starters!

Eg ‘my sore thumb’, ‘this sadness’, ‘putting off doing my accounts’ …

Mine at the time of writing: My sore head.

2.      Take the TAT Pose

A gentle hold is best, so once you’re in the Pose check if you can relax your hands.

3.      Gently place your attention on your issue

Notice what arises for you – perhaps thoughts, emotions, sensations, or maybe nothing, and allow it all to pass by like clouds in the sky. Your energy system chooses what you need to experience  – whatever happens, or doesn’t happen, for you is perfect.

A big sigh, a sort of confused feeling – swirling images, then calm.

4.      After about a minute, release the pose and lower your arms

5.      Now reconsider your issue

How does it feel: the same? worse? better?

My head feels much  clearer and lighter, with a knowing it’s clearing, as if a gate opened to let it out!

At the least holding the TAT Pose has a very calming effect, and many people also experience an easing of the issue they addressed. Often this takes the form of seeing the issue from a new perspective – from which the issue simply dissolves!

Try it out, and experience the magic of TAT!

10 minutes later as I post this article – Aha – my head is completely clear now!

Had it not completely cleared,  I would either have done another Quick TAT, or perhaps added in the Steps of TAT.

2 Key points for TAT

1. Avoid spending more than a total of 15 minutes in the TAT Pose in any one day.

While TAT is simple to do, its effects are deceptively profound. Doing too much in a day could overburden your energy system, and might lead, for example, to a sore head.

2. Drink 6-8 glasses of water on days you do TAT.

TAT shifts toxins, so you’ll want to wash them out of your system with plenty of plain water!

Enjoy the magic of TAT!

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  2 Responses to “Quick TAT – for immediate calm and ease”

  1. Hi, I want to know how can you do the TAT pose with one hand, the reason I ask this is because my one hand is not mobile, Thanks.

    • Hi Ahaan, here are some ways you can get the same effect as the TAT Pose with one hand:

      a) Use your mobile hand to hold the back of your head (the back part of the TAT Pose) quite a few times, so you really get the feel in your head of it being cradled by your hand.
      Then, use your mobile hand to hold the points on the front of your head, and imagine your other hand is holding the back of your head, and go ahead as if you are holding the full TAT Pose.

      b) Ask someone to hold the pose on your head with their hands.

      c) Use the ‘Heart Pose’ instead. This is a different Pose that Tapas Fleming introduced a few years ago. It simply consists of holding your hands one on top of the other on your chest over your heart area. Again, you can use one hand and imagine the other if need be.

      I hope you have success with one of those suggestions, do let me know how you get on.

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