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Headache mudraI’d spent too long at the computer, and worse still the sun was catching one eye. So no surprise that all the strain produced a headache!

On the bright side, this provided a good opportunity to try out the finger posture (or mudra) for headaches, and it worked a treat! My headache was gone in a few minutes, then I had the sense to go for a walk and get some fresh air.

Since discovering this finger posture a couple of months ago, I’ve used it a few times at the earliest sign of a headache to good effect. No more headaches for me!

Adopting the finger posture
  1. Bend your thumb, index and middle fingers so the tips all meet together with a light touch.
  1. Bend your ring finger across your palm so your finger tip lightly touches the fold of your thumb.
  1. Keep your little finger extended (or as extended as you can).
  1. Now relax your hand and fingers, while keeping them as near to the prescribed position as you can.
Using the finger posture

For a headache, hold the finger posture, preferably with both hands, and breathe deeply until the headache dissolves – up to 6 minutes.

For chronic headaches, repeat the finger posture for 6 minutes as needed through the day. You’ll also need to find ways to reduce the strain in your head and neck, such as taking frequent breaks when working at the computer, as I did preparing this article! Please seek medical attention for ongoing or severe headaches.

Enhancing the finger posture

If you like, you can enhance the effect of the posture using visualisation and /or an affirmation. For a headache I like to imagine water washing the excess energy out of my head, and say to myself ‘My head feels light and clear’.

It’s best to create your own visualisation and affirmation, just make sure they are positive, and go with what feels right for you!

Other benefits of Mahasirs Mudra

The ‘proper’ name for this finger posture is Mahasirs Mudra, and its main function is to balance energy and relieve tension. It also relieves migraines and eye strain and removes mucous congestion from the frontal sinuses.

A little about mudras

Mudras, or seals, have been practised for thousands of years by different cultures all over the world. Ancient healing systems such as yoga, reflexology, Chinese five elements, meridian therapy, and acupressure show the connections between various parts of the hand and specific parts of the body. Mudras use these connections to influence the brain to make changes in appropriate parts of your body and broader energy system.

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  2 Responses to “Quick Relief For A Headache”

  1. Is it originally proper to place the ring finger on the hill under the thumb OR into the fold of the thumb?? Because when I search Mahasirs Mudra, there are photos of both types.

    • Mudra expert, Gertrud Hirsch, in her book Mudras – Yoga In Your Hands, says the ring finger goes into the fold of the thumb. However when I relax my hand I find my finger moves up the mound of the thumb a little, and my headache still goes.So, I expect there’s some leeway, and it’s best to be as close to the fold as you can, but keeping yourself relaxed. How about having a go both ways, and see what works for you?

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