Nov 212013

OilToxins in the body can adversely affect your body in many ways, including, in my case joint pain and general tiredness.

Here’s an inexpensive and harmless way to literally pull them out of your body.

‘Pulling oil’ is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that pulls toxins out of your body. Surprising as it may seem squishing oil around your mouth really does the trick.

Starting in 2009 I pulled oil regularly for a couple of years, and then, as happens, my practice dwindled away.

In 2013 my energy was very low, and triggered by my friend Vicky mentioning oil pulling, I started to pull oil again. I was amazed that my energy dramatically picked up the next day, and also noticed that the stiffness in my joints slowly eased.

Reflecting on this I realised that I’d had quite a lot of dental work done in the year that I’d stopped oil pulling, and remember accidentally swallowing both anaesthetic, and liquid used in the treatment. At the time I simply hoped my digestive system would eliminate the toxins safely.

After the dramatic improvement following my resumption of oil pulling, I suspect that toxins from the dental work, and/or other sources, had taken up residence in my body causing my tiredness and stiff joints.

Pulling oil also improves dental health, eliminating bleeding gums and as an added bonus it whitens your teeth!

So if you suspect you may have toxins in your body, I highly recommend oil pulling!

How to pull oil
  1. First choose your oil. I use coconut oil as I find the taste reasonable once the solid oil has ‘melted’ in my mouth (the oil may already be liquid in warmer climates than Scotland!). Other recommended oils include sesame and sunflower.
  2.  Only pull oil on an empty stomach – first thing in the morning is best.
  3. Put a tablespoon of oil in your mouth – it does feel strange and yucky the first time, but you soon get used to it.
  4. Rhythmically, squish the oil around your mouth, pulling it between your teeth – it will go white as it absorbe toxins out of your blood, and foamy as it mixes with your saliva
  5. Take care not to swallow the oil – you don’t want to reabsorb those toxins! If you can’t stop the urge to swallow spit the oil out, and if necessary start again.
  6. After 15-20 minutes, spit the oil out. You may need to build your time up gradually.
  7. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water

With a little practice pulling oil becomes easy. While at first I needed to sit still, now I can take a shower and prepare my smoothie while pulling! If I feel the urge to swallow, I pull harder while lowering my head.

All in all, oil pulling is a very beneficial daily practice when you know you need to detox, or 2-3 times a week on a ‘maintenance’ basis.

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